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Hell’s Kitchen, Jun. 8 – How Many People Does It Take to Lift a Tuna?

No great work-of-art snack today. Last day of school week running around and canning for teachers leaves me eating a bowl of Rice Krispies with cut up peaches tonight. If I lie and say I add a dash of some crazy spice like cumin to it, does that make it foodie-wonderful? Didn’t think so!

I have to start my article saying I feel a little guilty about my Bret Michaels comment last week. Wednesday after I finished my article I got a call from a local TV station, turns out I won a pair of tickets to see Bret live in two weeks; I guess he did pop up again! I wonder if I am on to something, hmm, I sure hope that Jon Bon Jovi doesn’t pop up in the kitchen tonight. I’ll let you all know if it works again.

It seems to me that every new season in Hell’s Kitchen adds a couple more entertainment-only cooks we have to weed through to get to the really qualified people. Hopefully again tonight someone who deserves to be let go, will be. Let’s hope anyway!

Tonight’s show starts off with a red team member doing something that in the past has caused so many people to fall on competitive reality shows. Autumn must not have read the Reality TV for Dummies guide. Cocky, it will get you every time. She tells her teammates that she needs to try harder to help everyone out. It goes on from there, but you get the point.

Andrew over on the blue team hasn’t read the guide either as he comments on the food they are serving in Hell’s Kitchen really not being that good. Maybe if the producers let him kill everything first he will feel more at home.

At 4:45 the contestants are awakened with a blaring alarm clock that is blasted through the sound system and told to go down to the dining room. I think I would sleep in my clothes after that. Chef Ramsay is downstairs ready to give them their next “back to basics” challenge. They will be working in pairs preparing egg dishes. Each team of two must present a soft-boiled, sunny-side up, poached and scrambled egg dish. The ladies are down a team member so Chef Ramsay tells Siobhan that she will be working alone. They are given 5 minutes. He is hoping that this challenge will help with communication among the teams.

Scott and Autumn seem to have put themselves in charge of everyone else, so much for total team communication.

Nilka and Maria are the first team up; all four of their eggs are awarded a point. Chef Ramsay can’t possibly be going to taste 32 eggs before 6am, yuck! Salvatore and Mikey are next. Salvatore over cooks his scrambled eggs that stick to a plate as well as his soft boiled. Mikey gets 2 points for his efforts. Red team is in the lead by 2 points.

Siobhan presents her four eggs to Chef Ramsay. Here is another contestant that has not read the handbook. When asked how long she cooked her soft boiled egg, she says she cooks them every day and has a good grasp on them. When pressed again by Chef Ramsay, she is forced to admit that her teammates helped her. She went against his specific instructions.

Only 5 people have presented so far. The two who have had problems with Chef Ramsay are the ones that decided it was a good move to listen to something other than their own gut. What I find ironic is that the people who gave them the bad advice are Scott and Autumn. They are the same two people that feel they can’t do wrong. The tears start flowing when Siobhan realizes she should not have listened to Autumn. Turns out all Siobhan did was poach 2 eggs. She is awarded one point for the only egg she prepared.

Ed and Jay are up against Siobhan. For some weird reason unknown to me Jay dyes his hair blue. Not a great way to show Chef Ramsay you are professional. The guys receive points for all but their scrambled. The men seem to be having a problem with scrambled eggs. The score is tied at 5.

Fran and Autumn are up next. Autumn earns a point for her soft boiled, but not the poached which was made by Siobhan. Fran does not earn any points for her over-cooked eggs. Andrew’s soft boiled egg is over-cooked, but Scott and Andrew earn 3 points total. Blue is up now by two.