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So You Think You Can Dance, Jun. 3 – Forget About Nashville, We're In Las Vegas!

Toni is the choreographer behind a cha cha the dancers have to tackle next. Toni is what the dancers are calling hardcore, a drill sergeant, and a Nazi Barbie. She’s screaming at them, and making them beg to have Tabitha back. Nicole had been told by Nigel yesterday that sometimes her hair works and sometimes it looks very strange, but he suggests she can always get a job at Buckingham Palace as one of the guards.

When Nicole’s group comes out to perform the cha cha, he tells them he can’t see because Marge Simpson is in front of them. Must be the hair. She doesn’t seem to do well with the cha cha. Tyce is on the fence and says the bun throws him. She was confused and wasn’t sure if it should be her signature or what. He says if she’s confused, they become confused. She takes it out and all the judges are relieved, as ‘Lil C wishes she had brought that to the choreography, and Tyce points out it’s another girl with a different attitude and makes a statement. Adam feels she would have danced entirely differently with that. Nigel suggests she dance again with her hair down. She goes out and asks for a partner and no one is jumping up to help.

Ashley Galvin is called out for doing well, as Nigel tells her his eyes were on her the whole time. He hadn’t really noticed her until now. ‘Lil C was impressed with Jose still working so hard. Serge Ornick is called beautiful by Toni, and Nigel tells Gisell Peacock, 28, Menlo Park, CA if she wouldn’t have done well, he would have been upset. She toots her own horn, literally, on the way out.

Adechike Torbert, 22, Queens is waiting to go on, wanting to match what the ballroom dancers are doing. He mystified the judges by deciding to tap dance in the solo round after doing such a beautiful contemporary in his original audition. He barely got through hip hop, and now needs to do this really well. He gets a round of noes, and Nigel suggests he dance for his life as most of the judges haven’t seen his contemporary. He knows he has to bring it.

Jordan Johnson is up for the cha cha. He’s not doing great, as Adam suggests his partner is doing it all by herself. Jordan gets noes, and Toni tells him he’s managed to focus his life and get it straight but he has to focus his dancing, and he could, as he’s good, but needs to learn some technique. He still feels he belongs. Eleven more dancers are gone, with just fifty-eight left.

Nicole is getting her second chance with her hair, and Serge is partnering with with her. She’s starting to get really nervous. She has so much better attitude with her hair down. Nigel tells her she is extremely nervous and it showed in her face, although it’s a yes for now. They agree it’s better, and she barely squeaks by, but knows she’s on notice for the next round. Adechike is up to dance for his life. From the first eight moves, I think he’s already safe. This is so much better than what he’d shown them so far. Nigel doesn’t know where to start, asking how dare he deny them the beauty of that movement, by being as silly as he’s been. He can only mark it up to his immaturity or stupidity, but is so pleased they had the opportunity to see him do that right now. He does not want to lose him and it’s a yes. He receives all yeses, as ‘Lil C says he felt it through the whole performance. Nigel tells Adechicke he has a problem, as now he only has two minutes to get ready for Broadway.

Next week starts off with fifty-eight dancers left, and Ida is telling them she’s withdrawing from the competition, and it looks like Nigel is just telling her to get off the stage. After Las Vegas is complete, the judges will travel around the country going into the dancers’ homes, letting them know who makes the final 10. Talk about pressure … for the dancers AND the judges.

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