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So You Think You Can Dance, Jun. 3 – Forget About Nashville, We're In Las Vegas!

Shanya Vaughn, 22, Dixon, TN, says she has that energy going on, and has so much she doens’t know what to do. She is bringing all she’s got. Adam thinks it’s like she’s she’s never seen the show, and Joey thinks it’s like the hip hop she does while her kids take a nap. It’s really bad; she doesn’t move her feet at all, just moving her arms and boobs around. Adam says this is about professional dancing, but it’s like she’s just grooving to a song by herself in a corner, and she’d get slaughtered on the show. Joey felt like she was just grooving to the song in her house, and stopped cleaning for a moment because the song got into her. She gives Shanya kudos for wanting to come and audition. Nigel notes she’s stationary and not moving her legs anymore. He doesn’t think she’ll ever be a professional dancer. She explains she wants to be a model. And that’s how the day ends.

It was a disappointing day, but they’re looking for more from day two here and aren’t finding it. But something happens to brighten our day, and that’s an old friend coming back. Brian Gaynor, 23, Kennesaw, GA, with scoliosis, is back. He finds it hard to believe people still remember his audition from a few years back. He fears there will come a day when he’s so in pain he won’t be able to dance. He dances to Fireflies and is still moving well today, bringing tears to Joey.

Nigel tells Brian he is magical and transports anyone that watches him to his own world, which is difficult to do for people like them that see so much. The trouble with this is it’s so much partner work, and it doesn’t fit comfortably with him physically. Adam thinks he’s so extraordinary and one of the best in the world. He is just such an inspiration and is so cool, he wants to be Brian when he grows up. Joey tells Brian he glows. He’s unbelievable, and he’s the reason they dance. Adam tells him he looked difficulty in the eye and basically said, “Up yours. I’m going to do it.” Nigel asks what he’s been doing, as he deserves to do so much. He explains he joined up with two other dancers and they’re called Remote Control; he thinks they’re a pretty awesome crew. Nigel doesn’t think he should go on to Vegas or choreography, but promises to put him and his crew on the show. He feels they’re going to be huge stars if they’re anything like him.

Only seven people in all made it to Vegas from Nashville. The judges are so disappointed they end the night dancing themselves. So this is why we’re starting Vegas early tonight. There wasn’t enough in Nashville to fulfill an hour, basically just ten minutes.

We’re in Vegas on Day 1 and for the first time, Nigel is announcing they will only be taking ten dancers to the show this season, as they’ll be matched up with All Stars, Neil, Comfort, Allison, Ade, Pasha, Courtney, Dominic, Mark, Lauren, Twitch, Anya, and Kathryn. It’s going to make everything much tougher. They’re starting with 122 dancers, and will have to narrow it down to just 10.

We have ‘Lil C, Mary Murphy (what the hell is that clown outfit she’s wearing?), Tyce, Adam, Toni, and Nigel. Nigel announces they’re only talking ten dancers this season and says it will be intense. They’re all starting the day with a solo, and two dancers are here that haven’t been seen in auditions this time around, Billy Bell, 19, West Palm Beach, FL, and Alex Wong, 23, Vancouver. Billy appreciates the second chance, and Alexis just vowing to do his best. Alex was picked to be in the top 20, but had a contract that held him back. Billy made the top 20, but after one performance got very ill. This is why they’re back.

Alex is up first for his solo, and from the first moment is not disappointing. I think he just put all the other guys there on notice. You can see the fire in his eyes. He doesn’t get feedback from the judges for this round. Billy is apparently not suffering any ill effects from his illness. Again, setting the bar high. Anthony Burrell, 29, NYC, who auditioned in the Big Apple is worried, as he pulled his hamstring yesterday, but knows he has to do his best. He’s going to a clinic to see if he can get that hamstring manageable. All the other dancers seem to have taken on the challenge laid out in front of them from Alex and Billy. Anthony got the clear to go from the hospital and received a cortisone shot. He hopes he can pull it through onstage. He makes it through.

It’s time for the first round of cuts. A group of dancers are called up to the stage, and they’re told what they gave the judges wasn’t enough. Season seven stops for them right here. They don’t stop there; they keep calling up more and more people. Nigel calls up a group that includes Billy, Alex, and Anthony. They’re told they like them a lot and think they deserve special mention. Also in this group are Alica Clifton, Ariel Coker, Kent Boyd, and DJ Smart. They thought this group was exceptional and received special mention. I think it puts the others on notice that these are their favorite ten so far.

The first choreographed round is hip hop. Sarah Brinson, 22, Philadelphia, is nursing a bad back and went to the chiropractor, but it didn’t do any good. She’s here only on willpower. Tabitha D’Umo is here to teach the hip hop. There are 96 dancers left, and Rachel Gima, 18, Los Angeles, isn’t used to doing choreographer and is struggling. Breaker Jose Ruiz, 21, Pembroke Pines, FL, also isn’t used to doing choreography, but hopes he’ll do fine as long as it stays fresh in his mind. Rachel isn’t doing as well, saying she’s stressed, as it seems she’s the only one that can’t do it.

Rachel and Jose are in the first group to perform. Also in the group is the girl with the Nicole Knudson. Three yeses from the panel means they stay. Rachel didn’t give them a chance to say yes, as she didn’t even get the routine. She gets all noes and vows to come back. Jose gets five yeses and says being strict B-Boy, it felt good to perform like that. Malinda Jacobson, 28, Tinley Park, IL stays, as well as Lauren Froderman, 18, Phoenix, and Alexie Agdeppa, 26, Rowland Heights, CA. Michael Petr, 30, Englewood, CO, and Teddy Tedholm, 18, Rockaway, NJ, don’t do as well. Teddy heads home early this year. Anthony and Sarah are up to perform. Anthony receives all yeses and stays, and Sarah gets only one yes, from Tyce. She says she feels like she disappointed them and breaks down on the stage. Tyce asks why she’s crying, as she’s a beautiful dancer, but her strength wasn’t here today. It’s part of her journey. She talks about her back, and Nigel wants her to take it as consolation she wasn’t at her best.


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