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So You Think You Can Dance, Jun. 3 – Forget About Nashville, We're In Las Vegas!

In the choreography round, we have our eyes on Haylee to see if she can bring what the judges thought she lacked in her audition. After, Nigel tells her they are not taking her to Vegas, but they want her to keep working hard. Her mom tells her her dad is watching her and is really proud. Plenty of others did make it though, way more women than men it seemed.

It’s day two in Dallas, and the first up is Deroccius Harris, 29, Albany, GA, who knows it will take something really special to get a ticket to Vegas. He’s been working on his moves. If he had to explain his audition, it would be intense craze. He tries to be a little masculine and sassy at the same time, a little pop and a little jazz hands. It’s not going to go well, is it? I’m still looking for the masculine as I watch him onstage.

Nigel explains to Deroccius that it wasn’t for him at all, but the style didn’t help that either. He might make the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders, but that might not be what he wants to hear. As a ballroom dancer, Toni likes to look at the man to see where she would fit in and she feels he might win on the girl front, and she doesn’t like that. Nigel knows Deroccius is a good spirit. Tyce explains if Deroccius is happy with what he sees and what he does, that’s all that matters, but it’s difficult to watch. He can do a few things, but that’s not the point anymore, as the outfit wasn’t right, and he danced to Britney Spears. He’s a man, and they have to imagine him dancing with a woman. Nigel wishes him luck and tells him he shouldn’t stop doing what he likes doing.

Marcella Raneri, 24, Dallas, always thought her family was different than the other suburban Dallas kids, but she didn’t know how much until she found out everything. Her dad was basically born into the mob and was caught with money laundering fraud and tax evasion. It tore her family apart as she went from having everything to having nothing. No one wanted to date her in high school as everyone was afraid of her dad. Her mom started a lingeree company, and she did start modeling for her and helped her design some. She’s a beautiful dancer and has some great lines and extension.

Nigel tells Marcella her music talks about being lost in the world, yet she’s smiling looking beautiful. She’s banging on the stage … beautifully. There wasn’t any heart or soul there, and she has to find that passion. He asks if she comes from a family of dancers, and asks what her dad does. Don’t they have everyone’s notes? Why does he need to ask and embarrass her? She explains her dad’s a mobster, then Nigel changes tune and says she’s a yes to choreography, and walks away from the table. Toni tells Marcella she’s gorgeous indisputably, but unfortunately when you are, you look for everything to be beautiful. She felt like she was watching set-ups. She’d like to see her do the choreography. Tyce feels he’s seeing her do moves she’s seen other people do, rather than doing stuff that comes from her. He agrees to send her to choreography.

Jordan Johnson, 26, Hollywood, CA, grew up in a small town of about 1100 people. He wasn’t very accepted because he was a dancer and a gymnast. He was told at 9 years old about his biological father and carried that weight around with him for awhile, struggling with depression and addiction. At the age of 21, he met his biological father when he was just looking for closure. This past September he reached out to his father again and was told to leave him alone. He asks how you reject your own child. It’s left him hungry, and it’s not going to keep him down. He’s absolutely fantastic doing B-Boy stuff and working some humor in. He’s impossible not to watch. His biological father is missing out on knowing a great person.

Nigel really, really likes Jordan and admires him. He’s dangerous and exciting, leaving Nigel not knowing what’s coming next. He likes being on the edge of his seat. He appreciated every little thing he put in there with the humor and a lotof good technique. He asks how long he’s been out of rehab, and Jordan tells him he’s five years clean. Nigel thinks he stands a good chance of shocking people, and that always makes them pick up the telephone. Toni wants him to hear this the right way. He’s not traditionally handsome, but his energy is sexy. When she’s watching, when she’s that invested, she wants to crawl over the table and get involved. Tyce feels lke he really reached hm. It’s fresh, and like “knock, knock, who’s there? It’s Jordan.” All three want him to go to Vegas.

It’s the choreography round, and we’re watching Marcella. Toni was pleasantly surprised, but she thinks it needs to be developed in Vegas. Marcella tells her to shut up. Nigel tells her she should shut up, and come here and get a ticket.

We move on to Nashville, and our judges here are Nigel, Adam Shankman, and Joey Dowling. The first up is Faith Looney, 18, Portland, TN. She’s a flamenco dancer and performing with her friend who goes back with her since grade school, Kelsey. After explaining it’s traditionally a man and woman doing flamenco, she gets into a thing about not liking Kelsey’s boyfriend, as he’s not nice to her. They want it to seem cutesy, but it comes off odd. They’re dressed like two Amish women, and it’s just bizarre. Dancing, they’re missing something that flamenco dancers should have. There is no fire and energy there. The panel is in hysterics watching them.

Nigel tells Faith it isn’t anywhere near Flamenco, as when matadors come out into the ring and face the bull, the women have to keep with the men’s egos. They’re mad and fiery. She’s so sweet and makes dead people seem like party animals. Adam wanted to say ole, but is saying oy vey. Joey thought she seemed so disinterested in the dancing, that she was almost making fun of it. If someone stuck a torch behind Faith’s butt, Joey thinks she’d probably stand there and not move, but if someone did that to Adam, he’d be flying across the stage. She thinks she’s too sweet to do Flamenco. Faith knows she needs more classes and work on her angry face.


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