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So You Think You Can Dance, Jun. 3 – Forget About Nashville, We're In Las Vegas!

It appears So You Think You Can Dance is taking a page from their singing counterpart show, American Idol. They’re going to start flying through the Las Vegas process tonight after finishing the auditions, similar to when Idol starting naming the final 24 at the end of one episode, and finished it the next. We have a lot to cram into these three hours.

In Dallas, the judges are Nigel Lythgoe, Tyce Diorio, and Toni Redpath. The first up to audition is Ida Saki, 18, Plano, TX. Tyce is in love with the music, and I have to say the dancing is pretty good as well. She has fabulous control and tells a story very well. She is absolutely amazing. I hear the cha ching cah ching of the slot machines already.

Ida tells Nigel she’s been dancing since sixth grade. He wants to know the family background, and she explains her parents are from Iran, so they obviously didn’t have the opportunity for dance. Her mom, who had always wanted to dance, is with her in the audience. Nigel figures all of the mom’s frustrated energy has been forced into Ida’s body, as it’s made her an absolutely exquisite dancer. Toni feels like Ida is dancing for the two of them and has managed to get two into one body. She can’t believe she has such dynmic range and such emotional intensity. Tyce holds up a sign that says Wow, as Nigel notes if you turn it upside down it says Mom. Nigel asks her mom and little brother to come up onstage, and all three of the judges hold up Las Vegas tickets.

Robert Rolden, 19, Thousand Oaks, CA, has a imaginative contemporary style, and Toni finds herself spellbound; Rebecca Hart, 21, Clovis, CA, is told by Nigel she’s a beautiful dancer. They both make it to Hollywood.

Haylee Durbin, 18, Austin, started dancing when she was 2, and wasn’t a little frilly girl who did ballet. Her dad was the ultimate Dance Dad and would take her to class, then advise her on what she could have done better. He got colon cancer, which spread to his liver and lung, then eventually his brain the year he died. He’s the strongest person she knows, and that’s where she gets her strength. She set three goals with her dad, graduate, get into UT, and try out for SYTYCD. She’s here and so thankful. The emotions she puts out there are captivating. It’s making me well up with tears, although her technique is not the best.

After confirming Haylee’s mom and sister are in the audience, Nigel tells her he doesn’t know if what she’s done today has shown her off in her best style. She had a stank face, and she’s such a pretty girl, but she had this nasty little “I’m going to come and kick your teeth in” face. When you come to audition, they only get to see what you show them, and he didn’t think that was her best. Toni tells her she danced very bound, like she was holding herself really tight, not allowing herself to finish things, not realizing her full potential. Tyce didn’t feel much coming from Haylee. They want to feel her, and there are so many things she could use, especially reading about her dad. She could use that, as it’s deep. Haylee shows she’s wearing the necklace he gave her. Nigel asks if he saw her dance, and she explains all the time. Toni thinks he’s watching her now. Nigel wonders if he would tell her not to hold her face. She says some of the time, but others he liked the stank face. They decide to send her on to choreography.

Conor “Scooter Rocket” McLaughlin, 29, Dallas, has a Scooter Style. He wears a Star Wars costume and does inline skating. He also plays a green and blue guitar. Cat loves all of it, but asks what it has to do with dance. He explains when he spins his wheel of life, it’s like dance. I don’t know what that means, and I don’t think he does either. He dances and tries to pull out some dance moves, but it seems like this is basically just a way to get seen on TV. You can pull out dancing while on skates, but there’s nothing here. Oddly, Toni seems to be enjoying it.

Tyce tells Scooter Rocket he needed to be so good on those wheels that it would make a choreographer say, “I want to choreograph on him,” yet he didn’t do that. They’re looking for the next level after season six which was unbelievable. Scooter Rocket wonders if he wants too much, and Tyce just keeps saing no. Scooter thinks people are looking for a new angel of vision, and with our economy and the way we go together, there’s no direction he can go, but up. Nigel explains Scooter isn’t offering them what they want at this time. When he took his helmet off, he really wanted something else there, like Tom Cruise, but instead got Clay Aiken’s younger brother. Scooter complains he’s not Clay’s younger brother, but could be Davy Crockett’s long distance cousin, and that’s why they call him Scooter Rocket. Oh, that clears it up.

Nicole Knudson, 18, North Ogden, UT, is asked by Cat how much hair she has. She explains it’s her real hair and she does not have a perm. Everyone wants her to wear it down, but she likes it all on top of her head as it makes her feel centered. She’s always worn it like this; it’s what she’s known for. Nigel calls her Marge Simpson as she walks on the stage. A great plug for Fox.
There isn’t as much dancing I see as leaping around. She does some great turns, though.

Tyce could only think, “Are you kidding me?” as he hasn’t seen anything so electric and beyond. It’s the kind of talent that comes along every 100 years. She is “everything and a bag of chips.” Nigel calls her absolutely unique and doesn’t think they’ve seen anyone like her ever. She’s smoldering when she wants to be and interesting when she wants to be. She’s in control of her entire body and mind. Toni tells her she has taken her breath away. She wasn’t watching her dance, but was taken on a journey. What will be interesting will be how she develops other styles, and between now and Vegas the judges would like her to take some classes.


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