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So You Think You Can Dance, Jun. 2 – The Exciting World of Hick-Hop and Hella Hung

Jarrod Mayo, 20, Concord, CA, brought his mom with him to watch him dance. They confirm to Cat that they’re very close. She asks if they tell each other things, and he says she tells him a little too much. He’s a great contemporary dancer, who uses his body to the full extent, and Nigel remarks whlie he’s dancing that he’s surprising. His limbs are always fully extended. Adam thinks he could be amazing.

Hearing Jarrod’s mom scream, Nigel calls for a medic and asks if it’s his sister. Jarrod yells out “Love you, Mom.” He asks what the song was called he danced to, and is told Amazing by Kanye West. Nigel says Jarrod is amazing. Jarrod shocked him. He has great extension, but his shoulders come up too close to his ears sometimes. To put him with good choreographers and teachers, they could get so much out of him. He has a very good facility. Jarrod thanks Nigel, saying it means a lot to him.

Stacey calls Jarrod a sweet little thing, and Adam says he’s adorable on top of it all. She didn’t expect the personality to come out of that growling thing he did. Adam tells him he has so much going for him and is so special and so talented. It was a pleasure to watch him tear up the stage. Nigel asks if there is anyone else in the family that dances, and finds out Jarrod’s mom was a cheerleader in high school. He asks if Mom is cute, and Jarrod responds, “I don’t know, I guess.” Mom is called up onstage and does a little quick cheer on the stage coming up to hug her son. Nigel asks if Jarrod still lives at home, and he does, but with his dad. Nigel knows that’s why she’s happy to be with him. He informs them there’s a period they’ll have to split up, as Jarrod’s going to Las Vegas. It’s more cheering and celebrating.

Jarrell Robinson, 25, Glenwood, IL, is hoping his dancing will speak for itself, as he’s deaf. His interpreter helps him correspond with Cat. He was born hearing, but became deaf as an infant. He started dancing to feel like he could feel music. He wants to feel what music tastes like and the only way he can hear it is to turn it up and turn the bass on. He dances with it and follows the rhythm. He’s doing this for the whole deaf community to know they can do anything as long as they stay positive. Cat tells him she loves him, and he returns it and says Wow. He definitely feels the music as Adam remarks, “How great is this …” He’s a good dancer on top of it. You would never guess he was deaf watching him.

The interpreter is back to help Jarrell communicate with the judges. Stacey tells him he is extremely musical for someone who can’t hear the music. She thinks because he can’t hear it, he has found a way to be the music, which is outstsanding. The vocabulary of his steps just isn’t strong enough, but she encourages him to continue training and inspiring and being the brave person he is to overcome this in so many ways. Adam says first and foremost Jarrell is an incrediblly special, inspiring, and deeply talented man, and he can’t tell him how much he appreiates that. What he found fascinatng is he correctly interpreted the song, and that was wonderful to watch.

Nigel asks how Jarrell feels, it if it’s through vibrations. He explains he feels it through the bass and if he feels the one bass movement, he knows it’s a double step, if it’s four or five beats, he knows he has to follow how many progressions it’s taken. Nigel knows so many dancers need to have that. Adam agrees he has that more than most people they see. Nigel tells Jarrell the world is at his feet, but the competition isn’t right for him. But there are a lot of areas that if he is brave enough to push barriers, he can be exceptionally successful. After, he feels inspired. He hopes he learned everything the judges said and feels so alive and so much a part of the moment. Stacey and Adam just can’t get over how inspiring he was.

It’s the end of the day and time for choreography. We have our eyes on Christopher. Stacey thought he did better than expeted, but it’s a no for now. They thank him for trying. He vows next year to try again, knowing how close he was. Four female dancers make it though.

Tomorrow we head for Nashville and Dallas, and then on to Las Vegas.

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