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So You Think You Can Dance, Jun. 2 – The Exciting World of Hick-Hop and Hella Hung

Pepe sees what he’s up against in the choreography round and decides to just drop out. He’s happy he did this, but just wants to go home. If he’s happy doing that, it’s a good thing he didn’t go through, as they need people that have that fire in their belly to do it. The others continue on without him, and Taylor is told it wasn’t strong enough, but Nigel wants to see her next season. She knows her mom would be proud of her for coming here and trying. In all, thirteen dancers move on to the Vegas callbacks.

On day 2, we have Alexie Agdeppa, 26, Rowland Heights, CA, up first. She auditoned in season 6 and made it to the picking of the final 20, but didn’t make it. Getting so close and not getting it broke her heart, but it gives her an extra push and an extra goal. It’s something she wants and needs to do in her life. She guatantees she’ll be on the show in season seven. She has an exotic look to her, as well as an exotic style as she dances.

Nigells tells Alexie he’s not sure what happened to her since they last saw her, as her performance has dipped down a lot. He didn’t feel a warmth in her performance or that she stretched her legs or pointed her toes as much as she has in the past, and didn’t get that feel wahtseover. He then looks at the eother judges an says, “That’s how you tell lies.” After that, he can’t go back on it, so tells Alexie the other two judges have to give her a ticket to Vegas. Hi-Hat found that she lit up the stage and is so joyous and a pleasure to watch. She loved, loved, loved her performance. Adam only has one comment, “You’re going to Vegas.”

There was a big stretch of really great girls who auditioned, including Lindsey McLevis, 26, Long Beach, CA, who Nigel tells is an absolutely beautiful dancer; Miss Morelli, 18, Pasadena, who Adam says has beautiful lines and feet that are out of control they’re so beautiful; Cheryl Smith, 21, Los Angeles, who Nigel remarks he doesn’t know what happened after lunch, but that was fabulous. Adam notes there were a lot of good contemporary dances so far, but Nigel asks how far you go with that. Yep, Vegas. All of them.

Melinda Sullivan, 22, Thousand Oaks, CA, is a tap dancer. She fell in love with it, as you’re a drummer with your feet. Your toes are like the snare drum, and heels are like the base drum. You can go anywhere with that. She’s part of Jason Samuels Smith’s company, who’s guested on the show before. She’s been a member since she was 15, and it all started with a jam session they’d have every Monday night, with Gregory Hines being at the first one. She fell in love with that first, and knew it would be hard to do just that, so started dabbling in acting and singing as well, helping her to become and all-around perfromer. She knows Nigel is into tap dancing and knows he’ll appreciate it. There were a lot of tappers last year, but it didn’t really pan out for them. She’s really goood, and what’s really interseting is that she’s dancing to a slower song which you never see, but it allows her to put more expression into it.

Adam tells Lindsey she’s interesting and beautiful, and notes it’s the first time someone came and tapped to a ballad. She emits a lot of confidence, but the performance didn’t go along with the rhythms. She’s pretty amazing. Hi-Hat thinks she’s amazing, interesting, and differnet. She likes her. Nigel isn’t sure he likes what she did. He agrees with the others, as she’s interesting and talented, but he doesn’t know if it sat comfortably with him. He just loved her rhythms, but Stevie Wonder, one of the greatest artists of all time, didn’t need to be there, as she wasn’t using his rhythms. She confirms she’s also trained in a variety of other styles. Regardless, he likes her. They agree to move her on to choreography.

Ryan Ramirez, 18, Morgan Hill, CA, first got into dance because her mom put her into classes because she was painfully shy. Her mom remembers seeing joy come out of her when she danced for the first time. When the economy hit bad for the first time a few years back, they lost their house, and one of the the things that was sucking up the cash was the dance lessons, so they had to give that up for awhile. She went to a convnetion and met Mia Michaels, who told her she is so amazing, and she really wanted her to assist her. She helped her during season 4. If it wasn’t for Mia, she probably wouldn’t have danced a lot. Making it would mean a lot, to show her family that their sacrifices were worth it. Watching her dance, you can see the Mia influence. You can also see the freedom she’s searchng for within her dance.

Adam tells Ryan she is a very, very talented dancer who just did a bad thing by not connecting with them, but there were moments. She has extraordinary lines and it felt real to her, which felt real to him. He also notes if he ever wants to end a party fast, he puts on that song, I Can’t Make You Love Me, over and over again, as it clears out the room. Simon remembers hearing it every time at Adam’s house. Hi-Hat thinks Ryan’s musical choice was great and that she’s great technically, but what she’s looking for is more connection. Nigel notes the better dancers haven’t won this show, and it’s been the better performers that win. That’s what she needs to find, because she could go a long way. The judges agree to send her on to choreography.

During the choreography round, Melinda is asked how it was to dance without her tap boots, and she thought it was good. So did they. She’s moving on to Vegas, as is Ryan, and a host of others.

It’s on to Chicago with Nigel, Adam, and Stacey Tookey as judges. Adam finds it to be one of the greatest cities, and he’s so stoked to be here. First up is Kent Boyd, 18, Wapakoneta, OH. He talks about it being a small town with only about thirty-three people in his graduating class. They have a fire station, but he knew he made it big when the sign on the gas station said “Good Luck, Kent. S Y T Y C D” He knows he’ll have to eventually leave the town to pursue a career. He plans to attend college for dancing in NYC. He thinks he’s ready. Cat Deeley calls him the cutest little thing. Hes a beautiful dancer and brings a smile to Stacey’s face. He does about five flips in a row and is really just fabulous.

Nigel has a hard time pronouncing Kent’s hometown. Kent informs him Neil Armstrong was from Wapakoneta, and they have a big museum for him. The judges ask if he’s traveled to big cities, and he says yes, Columbus. He gets out sometimes. Nigel loves his personality. He didn’t put that into his dance, though, and he needs that passion and honesty in his performance. Stacey also likes his personality, but wants it in his dancing. He had great height in his jump, and his pirouette was beautifully controlled, meaning there’s some great training there. There’s something she really likes about him. Adam wants him to really sit down and understand the piece of music he’s chosen and get inside it and let it get inside of him. They agree to move him on to choreography.


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