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Hell’s Kitchen, Jun. 1 – Chicken Kiev With a Side of Toothpick

The teams go into the kitchen to prep for service. The red team seems nervous and anxious to prove themselves to Chef Ramsay. The blue team is organized and being led by Scott.

The doors are opened and service has started. Nilka and Jay are assigned to the dining room for tableside Caesar salads.

Stacy is the first we see getting yelled at for bad scallop preparation. Over in the Blue kitchen Chef Ramsay is waiting on starters and Salvatore has to tell him that he has burned the pasta, two times in a row. Back in the red kitchen Fran is burning and undercooking potatoes. Autumn tries to give a pep talk to her team.

Benjamin is caught double dipping a spoon in a customer’s order; he is told to restart the dish. Over in the red kitchen Fran is now having problems distinguishing lobster and crab. She adds crab to the lobster risotto. Autumn again tries to rally the team. Red kitchen is continuing to make mistakes when Maria sends a dish up cold to the pass. Chef Ramsay catches the mistake, she starts to giggle, he yells at her, and she giggles some more.

Chef Ramsay has had enough and throws Fran, Maria, and Jamie out of the kitchen. When they try to fight back and stay in the kitchen, Chef Ramsay tells them if they don’t leave he will drag them out. You know I bet he would! He calls Nilka back into the kitchen to work the meat station. Back in the dorm the three women are denying they did anything wrong.

In the blue kitchen Scott is not making any friends trying to take charge. Mikey brings up to the pass raw halibut. Benjamin is cooking without rice and Salvatore is trying to cook potatoes in a cold pan. Chef Ramsay again gets fed up and Benjamin and Salvatore are kicked out of the kitchen and sent to go join the ladies in the dorm.

Even though Red team is three down they are able to move on to entrees. Stacy is on the fish station, but having trouble. She tells Chef Ramsay 3 minutes to window, then 5 minutes and lastly she is not sure when the fish will be done. She is sent back to the dorm. He isn’t done sending people back to the dorms yet; Mikey is sent back to the dorms for the raw halibut.

The remaining eight chefs are combined into one team so that they can try to get the service done. I would like to see him switch up the teams and have the people that got sent upstairs as one team and the newly formed team in the kitchen as the other. Ed starts taking control of the team and entrees are flying out of the kitchen. They are able to finish service.

Chef Ramsay decides that the women are the losing team. They are told to come to a consensus and nominate two. Of course they go back and forth on who was the worst and who wasn’t. Autumn nominates Fran and Stacy. Fran actually asks her why. Hello, you don’t know the difference between crab and lobster. Fran wants Autumn to go home, even though she wasn’t even sent back to the dorm.

Chef Ramsay calls on Autumn for the nominations; I am sure this infuriates Fran. The first nominated is Stacy, who by her own admission struggled. The second nominee is Fran, which causes Maria to smile. Gosh darn it, imagine Chef Ramsays face if she had started giggling. Autumn tells Chef Ramsay that she was kicked out of the kitchen and wasn’t able to redeem herself.

When asked by Chef Ramsay why she should stay Fran tells Chef Ramsay she doesn’t even know why she went upstairs. He quizzes her asking “How many legs does a lobster have?”. Her response is that she is learning, and that she was a kosher chef (for 30 years?). The answer by the way is 10.

Stacy admits she screwed up and let Chef Ramsay and her team down. She says she has nowhere to go but up. She should add “and a lobster has 10 legs”.

Stacy was asked to leave Hell’s Kitchen.

Next week’s previews show one of the contestants in tears already.

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