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Hell’s Kitchen, Jun. 1 – Chicken Kiev With a Side of Toothpick

Mikey, line cook, and Siobhan, pub chef, are next to compete. If you are cooking food in an establishment where people go to drink, do you really have to be good? Anyway, they both seem to be unique personalities. Mikey’s hair style is a combination of an Elvis pompadour and a Mohawk. Chef Ramsay touches it, and looks at his hand which has some kind of wax on it now, yuck. If the hair style was not interesting enough, he lifts his shirt to reveal the Hell’s Kitchen logo tattooed on his torso. His dish is Brie stuffed with lobster, which fails on looks but passes on taste.

Siobhan has a head full of long dreds; Chef Ramsay comments that he better not ever find one in the food. Do those things fall out of your head? She makes seared Mahi, wrapping it in mint. Chef Ramsay thinks that is a brave combination that works. Both are awarded a point for their teams.

Private Chef Stacy, who has name-dropped Hollywood stars to the diary cam already, goes up against Executive Chef Jay. She serves up over-cooked fish, while Jay delivers perfectly cooked steak. The point goes to the men.

Catering Chef Fran and Personal Chef Jay are next to present their dishes to Chef Ramsay. Fran is told her dish won’t set the world on fire. Jay gets kudos on his grits and is awarded a point. The score now is Blue, men, 4 and Red, women, 2.

High school cooking teacher Ed presents overly-salted fish. Personal Chef Autumn is told by Chef Ramsay that her chicken is worth going to heaven for. Point for the ladies.

The last up in the signature dish challenge are Nilka, line cook, and Andrew, farmer. Andrew makes a steak tartar. His inspiration comes from raising and butchering his own animals. If I didn’t already find him creepy enough, he adds that he likes to eat them raw. My mind jumps back in time to my barn kittens that we had when I was growing up. I know you shouldn’t judge a book by a cover, but he gives off this Norman Bates vibe when he says that he only wants to win so that he can buy two walk-in coolers. Chef Ramsay asks him if he is a version of Hannibal Lector. The wonderful producers give us more of Andrew on the diary cams. He says the only thing he likes to do is butcher animals. Chef Ramsay finds the dish bland.

Nilka is a single mom of three and is passionate about cooking. She cooks up sweet and spicy chicken wings. After tasting the wing I can visibly see that he is in pain. It’s no wonder; she used half a bottle of Tabasco! I have never understood enjoying food that is physically painful to eat because of over-spicing. Yesterday, when making the salsa, I unknowingly put a few jalapeno seeds in my mouth that were stuck to my finger. When I tried to get them out I shoved them into my gum. Luckily I had a lime close by to suck on. Poor Chef Ramsay. I feel your pain; he needs my lime. Neither receives a point, so the men win.

Before Chef Ramsay tells them what the reward and punishment for the challenge are, he announces where the winner of the show will be placed. This is the best yet I think. The winner will work directly for Chef Ramsay at the Savoy Hotel in London. A little better then two walk-in coolers I would say.

The chefs are released to the dorms. Dorm really doesn’t describe the living quarters after an amazing revamp. I wonder who is going to want to sleep near Andrew. Salvatore seems to lose his appealing Italian accent for a very heavy NY accent when one of the room cameras picks him up talking about his new crib.

All of the contestants find a new set of chef knives along with their jacket and the thick recipe binder to study. The women gather around and help each other memorize the recipes. At this point in the game they are all unified; we know that will change. The blue team is having a lot of trouble getting past the daunting size of information they have to remember.

As everyone settles in an alarm rings out and they all start to run out of the dorm. Chef Ramsay appears on a screen telling them that he is going to give them every opportunity to succeed. He has actually made video lessons on how to prepare for dinner service. Wow, would I love to have the one on risotto. This continues at random times throughout the night. It appears that everyone is up studying at 12:16am when the second lesson comes through which is filet of beef. The lessons start coming thru the night at about 15 minute intervals. People are running out of the bathroom, out of the shower and out of bed to try and catch them.

At 6:17am the new Red Team sous chef, Andi, wakes the women to inform them of their punishment. They have to prepare breakfast in bed for the men. Wow, every season the men have had a sexist attitude towards the women; this sure isn’t going to help that cause. Breakfast includes hand-squeezed orange juice and waffles. Salvatore asks the ladies if this will be an every morning thing. Sigh.