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Hell’s Kitchen, Jun. 1 – Chicken Kiev With a Side of Toothpick

Welcome! Thanks for joining me again for my second season of recapping Hell’s Kitchen. In my obsessive foodie way, I prepped for tonight’s show by making fresh peach-mango salsa and homemade chips.

In seasons past the first episode is always one of the most entertaining of the season. With that said, if Bret Michaels walks into the kitchen, I am turning the television off! Don’t get me wrong, I am a fan, but enough already. I am ready for some Chef Ramsay time, “Donkeys” and all!

I am not disappointed from the get-go. They start the show off with a clip of things to come this season and we are treated to a couple of trashcan kicking “You Donkeys” right away!

This season starts out with the contestants getting out of the cars and walking into a media circus. Of course we are shown clips of cocky, over-confident, cookers of food who all think they can tame Chef Ramsay. For some twisted reason, I always enjoy watching that type of personality fall.

Chef Ramsay personally addresses the media and guarantees that the first service will be complete. I have watched and loved this show from the beginning; all I can think is that the first service must be appetizers or snacks. Poor Chef Ramsay is just setting himself up for aggravation. If that is not enough potential aggravation for him, he releases the contestants into the kitchen. They have 45 minutes to create their signature dish to be taste tested.

Watching the contestants go into the kitchen I just have to question why the women don’t dress differently knowing that the signature dish is always part of the first meeting. I spoke too soon and on to the floor falls Holli, the 24-year-old banquet chef. Beautiful, high-heeled boots don’t work too great when running around the kitchen. I hope her dish is worth the hard hit to her rear.

First up in the signature dish competition is a stay-at-home mom who writes cookbooks. Watching the others make faces and judge her makes me want her to do really well. Chef Ramsay loves her Veal Scaloppini dish even though he thinks it looks like baby vomit. After praising her dish, he says it looks dull and boring just like her. I guess that is better than being called a Donkey. She also gets a hug and kiss, a big kiss. The joke is on us as she takes off her wig and it is Tana, Chef Ramsay’s wife! Funny, I think some of the women were hoping that was going to happen to them also!

The teams are again men, blue versus women, red. They will take their dishes up for head-to-head competition, with the best dish awarded a point.

Salvatore, pizza chef, and Maria, kitchen supervisor, are up first. Maria makes a pan-seared filet mignon with a vegetable medley and a bleu cheese beurre blanc. She is very confident that her food will be a hit. “Perfectly cooked steak, well done” says Chef Ramsay. This really makes me wonder if we will be seeing her destroy the meat station later on during service.

Salvatore thinks that he is quite the charmer admitting he keeps his accent to attract women. Are you listening women in his hometown? Personally I think he might be exaggerating his accent, or making it up altogether. I’m not sure what he was thinking but he prepares boxed pasta. Honestly I would like to tell you what it was called, but I hit that back button about 15 times on the dvr and all I could understand was buccini. It looked like thick spaghetti with marinara, really was not very impressing. Chef Ramsay actually calls it embarrassing and awards the ladies the first point.

Benjamin, a culinary arts teacher, and Holli, the gal who cleaned the floor with her bum, are up next. Benjamin prepared lobster, fresh pasta in a truffle sauce. I bet Salvatore is really regretting that boxed spaghetti about now. Chef Ramsay thinks the dish is absolutely delicious. Holli presents an interesting looking halibut that she has hastily wrapped in banana leaves. They must send in the recipes of their signature dishes ahead of time; I wouldn’t think banana leaves is common pantry stock (or boxed spaghetti for that matter). After unwrapping this halibut present, it looks nasty, and Chef Ramsay not only spits the small taste out, but he throws the entire thing out, including the plate. Point goes to the men.

Scott, executive chef, and Jamie, sous chef, are third in line to present their dishes. Scott is one of those personalities I was talking about that I would like to see fall. Jamie makes a Chicken Kiev, which looks nice, but she serves it with a side of toothpicks. Chef Ramsay refuses to even taste it. Scott prepares a Duck Breast. On the diary cam Scott informs us he knows it will be difficult to be a cook among cooks, because he is used to being a chef amongst cooks. Oh brother! Chef Ramsay doesn’t think any part of this dish was appetizing and awards no points in this round. He could have tried Jamie’s toothpick; maybe it had more flavor then the duck.