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Top Chef: Masters 2, Champions Round, Wk 4 – Who Doesn’t Love a Good Egg Sandwich?

The only preparation items of note – Obi-Wan sees Poseidon as a sitcom-like put upon dad. And, I would totally watch that show. It could be called Trident Avenue where Poseidon and his family have settled into a suburban life outside Miami. I see Terry O’Quinn in the leading role.

Ninja fails to understand who Dionysus is – he gets the God of Wine part, but fails to understand that he is also the most decadent god of them all. He’s the god of wild parties and indulgence. I am actually stunned that Ninja didn’t lose more points for really not following with the concept.

Rick totally got into his role as the God of the Underworld, complete with an evil laugh. He went with ingredients from below the ground and in the sea. Good idea. Susan went full force into the sexiness of Aphrodite, complete with making dippy eggs (as my wife calls them) where you are literally inserting one food into another. Meanwhile, Marcus went for raw food because armies don’t make smoke while cooking. Yeah, I don’t get it either. He could have gone for a big piece of roast beast or something, or perhaps something very red. Regardless, I would have had Rick and Susan in my top two based on what we could see, but that is not exactly what happened.

Ninja – Roasted Pork Loin in Chinese Wine, Croquette with Feta, Santorini Olives. Jay found it to be precise, Gail likes the Chinese influence. He probably gained some points for the difficult-ness of cooking on the site and for making a rather good loin. Gael rightfully calls out his lack of understanding of the god by suggesting that instead of loin, he should have made spare ribs off the bone. Decadent.

Marcus – Cured Beef and Salmon with Apple Broth and Oyster Foam. Gael loves the temperature. Jay found the flavors compelling. Gail thought it was too much and got muddied.

Susan – Toast with Coconut Jam and Sweet Butter, Fried Eggs with White Pepper and Dark Soy. Gail got all sensual on us with the jam. Jay felt instead of a sexy dish, it was more of a post-sexy dish and dinged her for just making a sandwich “this late in the competition.” Susan reminded him of cooking the eggs to order – which is even more impressive to me. Gail not only loved the jam, but will now be making her eggs with soy sauce from now on.

>Rick – Spice-crusted Swordfish, Crimson Potatoes, Daikon, Radishes and Parsnips, with a spicy Wasabi. Gail found it delicious and earthy (ugh, HATE that word). Gael again is critical of the Master of Seafood’s fish. However, Gail thinks the flavor of the fish more than makes up for it.

Obi-Wan – Seared Scallops, Romesco Sauce, Cherry Tomatoes, String Beans and Celery Puree. Gail likes the fire. Jay found it bold and flavorful, but a bit over-seasoned. Obi-Wan reminds them of the legend of Poseidon and how he would rise from the sea in a scallop shell and is a bit messy and disheveled, just like Obi-Wan!

The five come out to be judged, and much to my surprise, Marcus joins Rick at the top. Marcus gets four stars from Gael, Jay and the Diners, and three and a half from Gail for 15.5. Rick gets an amazing 4.5 stars across the board for a big 18 and the win. He literally has tears come to his eyes as he learns he has now won over $22,000 for Three Square.

Ninja is given four stars from Jay, Gael and Gail and only three from the diners. See, they got it about the god. He has 15 stars and barely missed out on the top two. Susan is given a woeful two and a half from Gael and Gail, and two from Jay. The diners meanwhile give her three and a half for 10.5. Obi-Wan gets only three from the ladies, and two and a half from Jay. But the diners give him four stars and 12.5 to stay alive.

Yet again, the diners seem to have a very different take on things than the judges. While this may be the case in Top Chef, it is much more pronounced here because of the nature of the scoring system. Of all the dishes presented, I think I would choose to eat Susan’s, and eat it often. She even said on the way out that she was surprised because her patrons love that dish.

So we go to the Final Four and I expect some German cuisine because, boy, it sure is a sausage party now.

Quickfire hits

• Anyone else giggle like a pre-schooler when Rick and Obi-Wan bumped heads in the car?

• Some of Susan’s sexual imagery – Her jam was “creamy, silky and sexual.” She was making the “love custard.” And it just went on and on.

• Beef tartar makes Marcus think of his wife. Ooookay. Although his story about how they thought his dad died in the war, thus leading to his Swedish adoption, but was discovered to be alive years later? Yeah, I see a movie there too. Following on the Lost casting theme, anyone know what the dude who played Mr. Eko is doing these days?
• You know the Masters are doing well for themselves as Obi-Wan tells us he usually spends his birthday in the French Alps. Cool cake though, and some nice bubbly to go with it. Even though the dumb Bravo editing made that surprise cake to be a whole lot more than it really was.

• Rick while serving his dish – “If you don’t like it, you can go to hell.” HA!

• Extra scene – kitchen gadgets and Susan making pot-smoking jokes.

• Susan goes home, but has won over $32K for charity. Good show, little hippie!

Next week – lots of slamming of things and someone pisses off Gail.

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