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So You Think You Can Dance, May 27 – I want to use it as an exit.

Nigel asks Ami if she was freestyling or choreographed, and she replies choreographed. He tells her she’s obvoiously trying to be different which is good, but she has to be careful it doesn’t start to look like exercises. She has a wonderful technique to her performance in that it doesn’t have to be smiley or girly, having an intensity about her that draws her audience in. Sonya likes her and loves an aggressive dancer and loves that it wasn’t nice and pretty. She knows Ami has a son and a lot of pressures and wonders how it affects her dancing. Ami says for a long time she was doing a lot of dancing for others, but this is one of the first times it’s for her. Jason recalls three great moments when Ami defied them and looked straight at them. They want to see more, and she’s on to chroeography.

Moving on to choreography, Ami and the others dance to Lady Gaga. Sonya loves her focus and gives her a ticket to Vegas, which she celebrates with her family. All throughout the day, ten dancers are moving on to Vegas.

It’s day two in Miami, and there’s s party going on outside in line. Candace Craig, 21, Miami, is part of a singing girl group, the Velvet Angels. They’re going for more of a Spice Girl feel, and she’s of course the sexy one, the bad ass. She wants to show the judges today what performance really is, to be sexy, but only enough to where it still stays tasteful. She can move, but it might be too much sex, not that Nigel minded. She apologizes for her boobs falling out of her shirt, and Sonya tells her she is not sorry about those and looks at Nigel. Candace says she loves them though.

Jason asks about Candace performing in retirement homes, and Nigel asks how many heart attacks she’s responsible for. She says they have a story, and he bets they do. She guesses Nigel couldn’t handle it, and he says he’s already had his heart attack, but he might need the kiss of life later. Jason thinks she’s a very likable performer who doesn’t make clever choices. She doesn’t need to dance as sensually as she does, but here’s something in there as a performer he’d like to see. Sonya agrees she has that fire in her anyway and doesn’t need to overdo it. Nigel agrees there’s an old-fashioned style to her, because of that burlesque “What Lola Wants” style. She needs to move on because she has good technique.

The judges are moving Candace on to choreography, and hearing this news, she starts bouncing making the girls bounce. Sonya tells her she doesn’t need to do that and suggests she secure them and tie them up a little. She tells Cat she has a sports bra she’ll be wearing later.

Rose Neptune, 25, West Palm Beach, FL, is warming up with her partner, and says when she hits the dance floor, she turns on fire. They’re doing a Latin stayle of ballroom, but need a little more work. She’s on fire, but the technique falls flat as the lifts look painful on everyone. Sonya looks ready to pull her hair out.

Jason loves the fact Rose loves her dancing and thinks she should keep doing it if she likes it. She thinks she could do better, and he hopes she continues doing it. Sonya thinks she’s sweet, but says it’s not up to par for what they’re looking for. Nigel thanks Rose for coming, and all three judges give her a no. Sonya has found that the life has been sucked out of her.

The next dancer is told to bring power, personality, performance. Personality he brings, but that’s about it. Nigel tells him dancing should be a social time for him. Jason is getting frustrated with the dancing, and Sonya is getting pissed off. They work on finding something positive about Miami, and can’t find anything right now. One dancer has thrown up on stage, she says. We were spared, thankfully.

Thankfully, it’s the last dancer in Miami, Jose Ruiz, 21, Pembroke Pines, FL. He says dancing and B-boying is a form of self-expression. It’s his connection to the world and how he shows himself. Seeing Legacy on the show really motivated him, as if he can make it that far, he thinks he has chance. He thinks he brings something new and explosive to the table. I don’t know if I’d make comparisons to Legacy, as that’s a high standard, but he is talented. He does do a great head spin at the end.

Nigel calls Jose exciting as he didn’t know what he was going to do. He liked watching him and he surprised him. He likes how he stuck his moves. He’s a good-looking kid and has a lot going for him. Sonya was upfront in her seat and loved his smile and performance. She liked the bellymills he did and thought it was gorgeous with awesome energy. Nigel asks Jason if he thinks Jose is better than Legacy, and Jose answers and says he thinks he is. Jason add that’s a big call. The thing about him is that his journey was incredible, and every time they threw something at him, they didn’t think he could do, he ate it up, and tha’ts why he’s going to be successful. He wants to think Jose will be the same. Now he has to go on the same journey as Legacy and go to choreography to see if he really is as good.

It’s the choreography round, and Candace and Jose are working it, her with her sports bra. She is up first for her judgment, and Jason tells her he’s a big fan of her performing, yet he thinks for her to grow she needs to add more technique. She won’t be gong to Vegas this time. Jose is up next and is told he didn’t quite have in that routine what he promised he would have, and that’s what Legacy had. But what he does have is a ticket to Vegas. He moves on to Vegas with twenty others from Miami throughout the day.

Okay, so I am excited for this season now, but I’m still holding back because of these changes they made to the rules. But, it hasn’t made me forget the excitement of Lee Dewyze’s win just yet.

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