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So You Think You Can Dance, May 27 – I want to use it as an exit.

Nigel brings it back to reality, and says it will be difficult for her to find the jobs to become a professional dancer, as Mia found it difficult to the point that she became a choreographer as she didn’t get the dancing jobs. He asks Megan how she feels about that. She says it’s difficult, but reality. She wants to face it and change that. She gets to move on to choreography.

In the choreography round, Wadi, Megan, and Edward are all trying to show that they can endure this part of it as well. Sadly, Wadi and Megan get sent home. Her mom tells her she’s proud of her nonetheless. Edward makes it through, however, and sixteen dancers in all make it through on the second day in New York. One girl screams ecstaticly into the phone that she made it, then asks, “Dad, did you hear me?”

We’re moving on to Miami, Florida. Here our judges are Nigel, Jason Gilkison, and Sonya Tayeh, who always makes this dance show just that much better with her creativity. Nigel greets the crowd, and they’re pumped up and ready to go.

Czech ballroom dancer Michael Petr, 30, Englewood, CO, is the first up to audition. He was in Germany preparing for a big dance competition in England, and now finds out the last opportunity to be on this show for him is to fly to Miami, so here he is. He started ballroom dancing because of the movie Dirty Dancing when he was 11. Seeing Patrick Swayze dancing half naked just seemed like a good idea. But now when he’s 30, that perspective has changed. Watching him, I have to say I’ve never seen ballroom to Kelly Clarkson before, but I like it.

Nigel likes Michael’s work, because he’s not pulling his face around when he’s dancing, and he has great lines with fantastic footwork and fantastic balance. He’s also glad to see Michael is using the same shirt (glittery and open in the front) that Adam Shankman let him use. Sonya calls him precise and clear and energized. She loved it. Jason found Michael’s legs and feet and body move softly and at the same time as being a good partner, and that’s a great skill. Jason thought he was fantastic, and Michael calls it real honor. Nigel sends him straight to Vegas.

Tyrell Rolle, 24, Liberty City, FL, is from the less affluent side of town and talks about the prostitution and drugs he sees around him with everyone just trying to make it. The stereotype is for everyone to be a hip hop dancer or B-boy, and he’s contemporary. He didn’t want to do drugs or be on the corner; he waned to do something great. He wants to use it as an exit. Tyrell remembers telling his dad his plans to be a dancer, and his dad wanted him to be sure it’s what he wanted to do, then offered to support him. He told him to make him proud. It makes his dad emotional to talk about it now. Watching him tonight, I think he may have just found his way out.

Nigel tells Tyrell he has incredible port de bras, looking at his arms and upper body that are fabulous Tyrell says he’s been dancing for seven years, and when Nigel asks if his family supports him, he says his dad and best friends are in the audience. Sonya tells Tyrell his lines are stunning and his port de bras is gorgeous. It’s masculine, aggressive, and strong, and she believed him. Jason calls it fantastic dancing from beginning to end, strong, secure, and emotional. He loved every second of it. Tyrell gets a ticket to Vegas as his family screams.

Henry Rivera, 19, Miami, is a student and is hoping he goes straight to Las Vegas, but he can’t stop laughing out of nervousness. It’s odd. Onstage the laughter is gone. He’s a really good dancer actually. He’s a great masculine dancer, despite what it seemed with his giggle fit before.

Nigel thinks not only is Henry a dancerr, but a brilliant dancer. He has technique, performance and is inspirational. Sonya loved that every single movement was accounted for, and every single movement mattered. Everything mattered. The lines were gorgeous. Hes just a sweetie pie and she loves him. Jason calls it phenomenal. Nigel thinks Henry is the best in Miami so far, and he’s off to Vegas.

I’s family time as family members are auditioning together. A mom auditioned, and the judges let her daughter up onstage to dance a little, then gave her a golden ticket telling her to come back in 2023. Daria Kopylova, 19, Tampa, has brought her father to her audition as her ballroom partner. She notes no one has done it with their dad yet. She dances beautifully, but it’s a really sensual dance, which is kind of weird to do between father and daughter. Her climbing on his back and clawing at his leg? It makes me shudder.

Nigel tells Dariato it felt weird to see her dancing with her dad, and she notes no one had done it before, yet he knows why they haven’t. He doesn’t have much else to say. Sonya agrees it was uncomfortable for her too, since Daria was dancing with her dad. Daria explains they were acting, but Sonya tells her it’s still awkward. She gets three nos.

Ami Aguiar-Riley, 27, Miami, has a 6-year-old son who is also a dancer, and he says his mom taught him how to dance the robot. She says being older, not old, in the competition, she has a life already, with her husband and son. It reminds me of Melissa Sandvig from season five. It’s something Ami is doing for herself, as it’s time for her to be a little selfish. Her little boy asks for his mom to be put through to Vegas. Ami is a really unusual dancer, but it’s one of those things you can’t stop watching.


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