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So You Think You Can Dance, May 27 – I want to use it as an exit.

Nigel asks where Scott’s performance was as he was looking down at the floor. He explains he was doing country line dancing and what he does for a living. He admits he loves it because he helps people, yet Mia points out they’re dead. Apparently Scott also runs some type of breakfast bar, called the “Cereal Bowl.” Nigel isn’t sure if what he saw was right to carry on into the competition. Mia has to add that he has a mean back ball change and did it about a million times. Adam thinks Scott has to be the coolest person he’s ever met, because he can’t believe how extraordinary his life is. However, it’s a no from everyone. Scott plans to come back next year and wipe the floor with everyone else. Sounds like he might have to kill them first to create a crime scene.

Chris “Isolock” Dixon, 23, Iselin, NJ, is here with his mentor, Kevin “Shockalock” Porter. Yeah, they do locking. They explain their moves and today Chris is doing Isolocking, Isolation and Locking mixed together. He’s dressed in zebra stripes and a top hat which just shows off these locking moves even more. He’s one of those great rubber dancers that you just watch in amazement and has a picture of Nigel on top of his top hat.

Nigel asks Chris if he does many dance competitions, and he does, winning many of them. Nigel thinks it’s terrific, but notes he’s seen better isolations, but not with the locking. He thinks Toni Basil would be on her back, foaming at the mouth, applauding like a seal with rabies. I think I’d like to see that even more than dancing right now. Nigel thought it was tremendous and a lot of fun to watch. Mia hopes he can do more and that the quirk and funk factor is really working for him. Adam says what makes him think there’s something there is the knee turns and the Russian. Chris gets a yes to choreography.

Cue the choreography round. Chris is there with thirty-three other dancers trying for those tickets to Las Vegas. Chris gets his chance to impress the judges, but is let go along with everyone else in his group. He says the choreography was hard as he’s not trained in contemporary, but fifteen others do get to go on to Vegas.

On day two, Nigel tells everyone to be themselves and be unique and make sure they haven’t seen anyone like them before. Jamie Greco, 30, Bronx, makes horror films. He mostly makes low budget horror films, like The Toxic Avenger. He thinks he was hired because he was different and interesting. His boss says he or she, as he seems to be fond of cross-dressing, will be a proud purveyor of trauma for the future. Today he’s sporting a fruit headdress and plays a carrot like a trumpet. He dances really interesting, until he starts stripping. He’s comedic to be sure, then strips down to broccoli pasties, which he takes off and cleans his armpits with. He also drops and orange while his back is to the judges, but maybe he’s tyring to make it look like he’s pooping it out. We really can’t tell.

Nigel uses the hand sanitizer after he touches the orange, and I’m just wondering why the sanitizer is even up there to watch auditions. Adam says he knows what he’s feeling because he feels the same way, and Jamie notes he’s not the only fruit there. Adam is so happy and calls it fantastic, saying he’s privileged to be here. Mia loves that Jamie has a love affair with fruit and vegetables, and he admits to becoming a vegetarian a few months ago. They wonder how it altered him. He obviously doens’t make it through, but he was definitely a lot of fun.

Wadi Jones, 23, Ossining, NY, does a wall walk and says he and his friends always ran to work out then wondered why just run. They started practicing parkour. He calls it the greatest thing in the world to work off whatever stress he has, and nothing can get in his way. He has a slow beginning, but he works into some great moves, and I’m predicting a move to choreography round.

Nigel saw some great stuff there, and says it’s surprising, as Wadi went into a front somersault without any preparation, Mia calls it so light and easy, as Adam mentions they never even heard him hit the ground. They’re all in agreement, as he moves on to choreography.

Anthony Burrell, 29, NYC, does some good lyrical dancing and impresses Mia. Nigel tells him he could be absolutely fabulous and is certainly one of the best dancers he’s seen in New York. Megan Davis, 24, Penacook, NH, gives us more of the same, and is very expressful. Adam tells her it was absolutely beautiful, and she is so built for this. Mia calls her a stunning dancer and thinks it was ridiculous the way she moved through space. They both got tickets to Vegas.

Edward Spots, 20, New Orleans, auditioned in season 6, and wanted to be featured on the show, but it was the first time his dad got to see him dance. And now he wants the whole world to see him dance. He’s an absolutely beautiful dancer and moves so easily and makes it look effortless. I feel like I could do this, too, watching him, but I know I couldn’t. He even adds in a one-handed cartwheel. He seems to work in a lot of gymnastics.

Currently Edward is working on a professional fellowship with Alvin Ailey, and Nigel asks how the situation is with his dad. Edward says his relationship with his dad is so much better, as all he wanted was for his dad to see him dance, as he had no idea what he was capable of. But now that he’s seen him dance, their relationship has grown, and they’re connected and talk. Nigel thinks he must be proud of him, as he’s a wonderful dancer. He’s pleased Edward is with Alvin Ailey , as it will strengthen him. Mia thinks he’s grown a lot. Adam agrees and says it was gorgeous. Edward gets surprisingly sent to choreography round. I would have thought he was in link flint.

Megan Carter, 18, Leesburg, VA, is a dance major at Montgomery College and has been dancing for fifteen years. She acknowledges she’s bigger than other dancers. People might judge a book by its cover, but she’s inspired by Mia who knows what it’s like to be a big dancer. She knows what the rest of them are going through. Megan wants it really badly and has been watching every season, and finally built up the courage to try out, as being on TV scares her. Her movement is not stifled by being bigger, and I think she moves as well as anyone else. She’s a joy to watch and is another one telling a story. Adam and Mia get caught up in the emotion of it.

Nigel points out the tears, and Adam tells him to shut up. He tells Megan she just blew every single stereotype out of the water. She loves to dance and it set her her free. He had to ask what he was looking at and realized he holds a stereotype sometimes too. She schooled him and everyone else out there. Megan made Mia happy to be a woman of size, as she was told she would never dance because of her body. She is one of the choreographers that looks at the dancer and the spirit of the dancer. No matter what size we are and what shape we are, we are truly artists, and it doesn’t matter. Megan exemplifies that.


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