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So You Think You Can Dance, May 27 – I want to use it as an exit.

I know they do it to keep the momentum going, but it just always seems so weird to be starting So You Think You Can Dance the very next night after we crown an American Idol. I kind of want to revel in Lee Dewyze’s win a little longer, but every time I think that way, I sit down to watch So You Think You Can Dance, and start to get a little excited about the season in front of us.

Tonight our judges are Nigel Lythgoe, Adam Shankman, and Mia Michaels has come back to the show. Adam asks how wonderful it is that the bitch is back, then quips Mia is back too. Cat Deeley is back as host. We’re starting off in New York City tonight.

Sarah Brinson, 22, Philadelphia, always thought she was bigger than everyone since she was little. She wasn’t fat, but it was like a mental thing she had a problem with. She’s no longer self-conscious, though. She felt like everyone was always looking at how big she was during auditions. She decided she was gong to audition for this show and get back in shape. Getting a ticket to Vegas would mean all the hard work paid off. She has some beautiful moves. I can’t tell if she’s still self-conscious about her size or not.

Nigel tells Sarah she looks like Charlize Thereon, and he’s right she does. She admits she gets that a lot. He thinks she’s amazing and has great lines. He loves the way she uses the music and thinks she has everything going for her. Mia tells her she doesn’t dance like a 22-year-old, but like someone beyond their years and calls that rare. Nigel asks if her parents are dancers, but she answers they’re actually golfers, prompting him to ask if her mom has played with Tiger Woods. When he gets a negative response from Adam and Mia, he explains he meant in competition. Adam likes that Sarah is so self-assured and knows exactly who she is as a dancer. Mia tells her she just needs to go, and Nigel wants to know why she’s taking a gamble. It’s Vegas for Sarah. Sarah screams that her dreams are coming true.

Gisell Peacock, 28, Menlo Park, CA and Henry Byalikov, 24, of Sydney, Australia, are ballroom dancers who have been touring with a company called Burn the Floor and have been off-Broadway for six months and think this is the next logical step. They’re fantastic dancing n their Latin style and very sexy.

Mia tells Gisell and Henry they’re so hot, and her and Adam agree, “Smoking.” Mia can’t finds words to describe when Latin ballroom is done right, and this was so right. Gisell tells Mia it means a lot coming from her. Adam tells them they just tore up the floor, and it was fantastic. Nigel calls them sensational dancers, and notes he saw them in Burn the Floor when there were other stars there, but they were the stars to him and continue to be. They get two tickets straight to Las Vegas.

Mike Perlman, 27, NYC, has his own boom box with him and talks about himself and a friend being tired of being kicked out of dance clubs, just based on the way they dance. This has “uh-oh” written all over it. They created their own “123 Party,” their own dance group. He describes their style as Dance-tastic Furious Footwork from the ’80s. Yeah, this is not going to be a good audition, although my son is pressuring me to bet him, as he thinks Mike will get a ticket to Vegas.. Mike does things like wiggle his butt, jump around, somersault, etc. it’s just as obnoxious as his lime green shirt.

Nigel asks if it was choreographed by Adam Shankman, and Mike answers, “By who?” He has no idea who’s judging him. Mike takes full responsibliity for choreographing it. Mia wants to know where he was in his head while he was dancing, and Mike replies his mind creates a whole landscape, but it doesn’t always convey that, yet he does think he has the passion. Adam asks him if he watches the show, and he says yes. Nigel would have said yes to choreography, but he notes there’s no expression in his face. Mike just answers that he can do a handstand too, as if that’s going to make the difference. Nigel thanks him for showing up, and Mike says he’s going out right now with his boombox, and leaves with a “1 2 3 Party!” He somersaults out the door, as Mia admits to being freaked out. It’s a good thing my son changed it to a gentleman’s bet.

Teddy Tedholm, 18, Rockaway, NJ is back! I think he was cut in Vegas last year. He mentions that he wore an outlandish outfit last year and the judges went crazy and sent him to Vegas. He’s back but stripped of color, and back in black. Now he just really wants it. If he can go to Vegas again, he’d be so excited and would kill it. He’s so creative with his moves, like rubber at times. He takes off his coat, loosens up this tie, and looses up even more. He tells a story as he’s dancing out there and is amazing.

Nigel says this type of thing upsets MIa and asks her why. She tells Teddy he reminds her of that unpopular kid, the one that was always laughed at or made fun of, and that’s what he represents. That to her is the most brilliant part of who he is. But the pain and reality he taps into as a young man is pretty genius. Adam says Teddy puts himself so out there and was so naked emotionally, and to be so connected like that to the facility and movement, Teddy doesn’t even realize how special it is. Adam tells him how honored he is to sit there and watch that. Nigel asks what he’s doing to come there and upset the whole panel. Teddy tells him he’s trying ot go to Vegas. Nigel has always found him a beautiful whimsical dancer, and was so disappointed in him in Vegas last time, but he’s rather hoping he doesn’t let them down this year in Vegas. Yeah, he gets a ticket again.

Nigel tells Briana DeFalco, 20, Stamford, CT, she’s beautiful to watch, and Adam agrees. Daniel Baker, 21, Miami Beach, FL is told by Mia he’s one big powerhouse of dancing. He gets an absolutely yes from Nigel and Mia, and Briana gets 1000 yeses from Adam. They’re going to Vegas.

Scott Vogel, 25, Orlando, is a Bio Hazard Remediation Technician. They clean up blood and bodily fluids from homicides. It sounds like the crew from Sunshine Cleaning. They use chemicals that treat viruses and bacteria to kill them. He knows explaining what he does is a real downer, making dancing a good getaway for him. Mia laughing right off the bat is not a good start. He has a lot of fun, and that’s great, but he’s kind of like a line dancer gone silly.


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