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American Idol, May 26 – Midwest Showdown Has Some Surprises for the Finale

It’s still hard to believe it’s Simon Cowell’s last show. I think he’s going out at the right time, though, judging on the ratings from this season. It does make me worried for next season. Yet, in the meantime, we have a two hour long finale/goodbye to Simon to look forward to tonight, culminating with a new idol, Crystal Bowersox or Lee Dewyze.

Look at all the past Idols in the audience! Ryan Seacrest alarms us, telling us that coming into the night last night, less than 2% separated the finalists. The judge are all here, dressed up for the occasion. Simon gets a standing ovation from Randy Jackson. And here are Crystal and Lee, dressed in preppy school gear for some reason. That’s an interesting look. Lee’s happy to be here and be up there with Crystal. She admits her head is in the clouds, and that it’s been an incredible journey, as she thanks the people she loves and that love her. There’s a great crowd in Toledo, Ohio, and the crowd in Mt. Prospect is just as impressive.

The top twelve are out to sing, led on guitar by Orianthi. They’re all dressed in the preppy gear. The reason is they’re singing School’s Out for Summer. There’s also some Alice Cooper-inspired singers, as Casey introduces the man himself, Alice! He looks obviously older, but not as old as he probably is. He’s got some jowl issues, meaning a need for less makeup.

Kris Allen takes the stage to sing The Truth. And whoops. Ryan’s microphone was left on as he was talking over Kris singing. It’s always interesting to see the Idols come back after they’ve been out on the road for a year achieving success. He doesn’t seem to have that “aw, gee shucks” thing going on anymore.

It’s our first tribute to Simon as Ryan sits with Randy Jackson and looks at highlights of these nine seasons. And hey, we have clips about Paula Abdul talking about him, and Ellen DeGeneres mentions he’s the reason she was drawn to doing the show, as she facetiously explains his better characteristics. Kara DioGuardi mentions his “poker face” he utilizes to hold back what he’s feeling. The judges and Ryan all do a fake celebrating thing that he’s leaving at the end.

Siobhan Magnus and Aaron Kelly are out to sing How Deep Is Your Love, and she’s looking gorgeous, I have to say. The curtain lifts and its the surviving BeeGees to finish the song with them. I think all four of these people are basically the same height. Aaron, of course, is the shortest, but he looks really odd trying to groove to this song. Jordin Sparks and Matt Giraud are singing to this in the audience. Hey, It’s the Hoff in the house.

Michael Lynche takes the stage next to sing Takin’ It to the Streets. Does that mean he’ll be out to sing along with him? Yep! There he is. He doesn’t seem to have the stamina anymore to belt it, sadly enough. It would have been cool if they would have brought Taylor Hicks out for this as well. They do a chest bump thing at the end, with is that half hug thing Big Mike is fond of doing with everyone.

Here’s a special song set to some of Simon’s insults. Dane Cook sings it, and it’s pretty funny all strung together like this. He adds in some comedy, telling him the only way his shirts could be tighter is if he put Randy in there with hm. Added to this at the end are a bunch of people that Simon has made fun of through the years, including his brother forever, Renaldo Lapuz. That was just weird and funny.

The top six girls are out singing a Christina Aguilera medley. This of course means we’re just waiting for Christina herself to join them. The girl make great backup singers for her. Christina stays out to sing another tune since she only got to sing a few lines. And this time she has no aid of Idol backups.

Ricky Gervais is live by satellite and says when the producers asked him to come out and say farewell to his good friend Simon Cowell, he asked how far it was, then decided to do it by satellite. He takes about the stars Simon has created and how much money he takes from them. He basically roasts him here.

The top six guys get their shot onstage, and for them it’s a Hall and Oates medley. It seems like a strange choice to go all the way back to the ’80s for this pairing, and I’m not so sure these guys the oldest of which is Casey James have even really heard some of these songs. They’re great to listen to, nonetheless.

Here’s the group in Toledo who are going nuts, led by Janelle Wheeler. Ryan talks to Crystal’s dad, who it’s obvious is really proud of his daughter. She takes the stage and sings Ironic. Alanis Morisette of course comes out to sing with her. Wow, how to do you score that duet? They do You Oughta Know together. Let’s not forget that the first week of the semi-finalsCrystal sang Hand In My Pocket.

Carrie Underwood is with us tonight to sing her latest hit Undo It. We’re having quite the rocking night tonight. I have to admit I’m happy we’re not playing it light and easy. I prefer this. Someone in the audience has a flower in her hair, but we only see her from the back. Could it be Jasmine Trias? Ryan mentions afterwards that Carrie cowrote this song with Kara.


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