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American Idol 9, May 25 – It Comes Down to This, Crystal or Lee?

Randy tells Crystal this is what he’s talking about, as this is what he fell in love with on day one. MamaSox is in it to win it. Ellen mentions with the wardrobe changes tonight it’s like a Cher concert in here. She knows Crystal a little bit, so knows it was hard walking down the stairs in the heels, much less singing and performing. It was fantastic, and she gives her “that,” a stnaning ovation.

Kara tells Crystal tonight is the night to kill yourself and give it your all, to hit the notes you’ve never tried to hit. That’s what she was doing; she wants it and you can tell, and that’s what tonight is all about. Simon had a little bit of a problem, as he’s almost allergic to that song, as he’s heard it so many times in auditions where people have absolutely murdered it. But he has to tell her that she took that song and absolutely nailed it.

If Lee wins tomorrow night, his single will be Beautiful Day, which he sings live now. Wow, they picked the U2 song for him instead of writing a new song for him. He seems to have listened to the judges and is bringing it out now, trying to beat those nerves. He gives it absolutely everything he has. He sings without guitar even, and seems more comfortable than he ever has without it.

Randy tells Lee once again it started off interesting, as he was walking around, which he always loves, as walking around singing and dancing is not what he does. But by the middle of the song when he hits the high notes in the chorus, he started getting his groove back. That’s the Lee he loves and remembers, the one with the strong rock voice. “Good on ya.” Ellen asks Lee how he feels, and he says he feels good, as it’s amazing. She tells him she has enjoyed watching the process and watching him grow to where he is now and actually taking it in. By watching his eyes, she could tell he was fully present in that song. He was taking in all these people’s energy, and she loves that he’s able to get to that place to do that. She’s proud of him, as he did a great job.

Kara thinks Lee got swallowed up a bit in that song, as he had good moments and some not so good moments. I’m sorry, I find that rude for Lee’s final song. He’s grown the most in the show and has one of the most commercial voices of the season, and he deserves to be there tonight. I don’t think Lee was showing he didn’t think he belonged there, so again, it just comes off as rude. Like saying you don’t deserve to win, but you do deserve to be here.

Simon agrees Lee made the most of it and felt a lot more effort. It’s his final time ever judging this show, and he just wants to say Lee is he’s the type of artist this competition is designed for, someone who needs a break, having a normal job working in a paint shop. He worked hard and has remained a really nice person throughout, and he genuinely wishes the best for him. See, Kara? That’s how you do it. Lee tells the audience the whole thing has been amazing from the very beginning to right now, and he wants to be doing it for a long time. He said this his first day here, and he loves and appreciates all the support.

Crystal is singing Up to the Mountain for her coronation song if she wins, a song done by Susan Boyle at some point, looking it up on iTunes, as I’ve never heard it before. She sings it with her guitar and it’s gospelly/folksy, and I think she’s going to kill it. I’m correct. She kills it. Crystal goes for it vocally, and then knows exactly when to pull back and lighten it up a little. I haven’t seen anyone do this since Kelly Clarkson, meaning someone who kills it and gives it everything in her physical and emotional being.

Randy says culminating the ninth season of this show, seeing his boy Simon leave the panel, this is what the show is about, an amazing song by an amazing singer, and he is so proud of Crystal. This is one of the greatest performances and one of her best performances and at the perfect time on this show. “That was incredible.” Ellen tells Crystal they’re always looking for someone unique that they don’t already have out there, and she can’t compare her to one other contemporary artist right now, as she’s in a league of her own. She has a beautiful voice, so clear and it just pulls you in. If she makes an album, Ellen’s going to buy it, and if she goes on tour, Ellen will go and watch her. If she makes a salad, she’ll eat it. She’s so good, and Ellen is so proud to be witnessing the rise of her career.

Kara tells Crystal it was a very important song for her. If she has had any criticism for her, it’s that her walls have been up, and she couldn’t see what was gong on inside of her. But tonight, that was all she could see. She was completely emotionally invested in that song, unlike any other night, and for Kara, she really blossomed just with that song. Crystal asks for permission to speak before Simon, and tells him he’s been amazing this season. She knows it’s his last season, and she wants to thank him for his critique and help, and she hopes he does well on his journeys, even though she knows it doesn’t matter much coming from her. He returns the favor and says it was by far the best performance and song of the night, and since it will be the final critique he’s ever going to give, it was outstanding.

Crystal sums this up saying the whole ride started way before this show and she’s beside herself, then jokes and says she’s beside Ryan Seacrest actually, then laughs and says “The comedy tour starts tonight.” She’s entirely grateful for her family, her life, and her son, and she’s ready for anything. Ryan tells Simon they have some surprises for his last night tomorrow night, and Crystal gives a few winks to the camera.

Will Young sings the song they played when people were voted out this season, Leave Right Now, and behind him plays the best clips from the season. The final 12 are watching on in amazement to have been a part of this whole thing.

Crystal was definitely the best of the night, but if people vote on who their favorite was leading in to it, Lee might still win the night. Either way, I think both these two are headed for amazing careers. Ellen and Kara are both right. Crystal is very unique and something we haven’t seen other there yet, and Lee is just so commercial. They both deserve hit records and I think they’ll find it.

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