Top Chef: Masters 2, Champions Round, Wk 3 – Judges Screw Up Another One

Quickfire hits

• Tony was Ninja’s lucky charm, manifesting in his constant infringing on workstations and Italian-American jokes. Glad that plotline is over, I could do without a pointless Tony-Suser rivalry

• Susan says that chicken skins are one of her favorite things – Mmmm, fattening. Speaking of Susan, how hysterical were her cheerleader pictures?

• What was with the Bruce Lee-style editing and music over Ninja’s chopping and frantic cooking? What, he can make Italian jokes that Tony finds offensive, but the show can make Chinese jokes and Ninja can’t defend himself?

• Gotta love Whole Foods – any other stores out there with a section called “Grass Fed Meats?”

• Marcus calls the football crowd a group of people who “drink beers at 7 am” and basically just scream. And the insults just keep coming.

• Susan said the lines were “literally non-stop” which would imply that she is still there serving tacos.

• Couldn’t tell who said it, but loved the Stew Room comment about Ninja’s dumplings as being more appropriate for tailgating for ping pong. See, ethnic jokes can be funny, Tony.

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