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American Idol 9, May 11 – Someone Get Simon to the Nearest Red Box

Randy tells these two what a difference a few moments make. It was a great song by two great singers, and he feels it could be a hit right now. It was amazing, and that’s what he’s talking about. Ellen tells them they’re like the new Captain and Tenille. “God that was great.” It was one of Kara’s favorite moments of the whole season. They both felt like artists, and she loves how they interacted, the chemistry, and their support for each other. They brothght out the best in both of them, and that’s what duets are.

Simon doesn’t know if he’d call it a good song, but he would call it a fantastic song. Crystal admits they had to try hard not to chuckle the first few times they sang the song together, and Lee explains the situation, saying you never sang with someone before, and now you’re staring at them, but after a couple of times it became fun. Crystal admits she called Lee her musical crush when they were sitting next to each other at the auditions in Chicago.

Casey James is up now to meet with Jamie who is happy to see someone from Texas. He’s singing Mrs. Robinson, and notices he doesn’t focus while he’s singing, so wants him to prentend he’s a woman, and try to seduce him. He wants him to look past him and understand the big picture of it. Casey felt it being more intense and that it did make it different. Singing the song tonight, he accompanies it on a ukulele, sitting on a stool and wearing robins egg blue leather. I didn’t think I’d like this, but I have to admit I do. He makes it his own I want to say too. He’s back.

Randy asks why Casey chose that song, and hears because of a lot of different things, which Randy laughs about, saying he figured as much and points at Kara. He thought Casey sounded cool on it, but wasn’t jumping up and down as it wasn’t changed, but just cool and laid back. He’s still wondering about the subject matter though. Ellen wishes they would have given Casey a big boy guitar, who jokes back this is what a regular guitar looks like on Big Mike. She likes that after last week he got beat up a little, but came back and did something different. She thought he was going to go firuther with it, but likes that he changed it up. She turns it over to Mrs. Robinson.

For Kara this is Casey fighting to stay in the competition, as this is where he’s not comfortable – up front, vulnerable, attached to the song. For some reason he has difficulty with that and likes to jam band and do the electric thing. It was a good choice for her, and she attacks Simon and Randy, saying she knows they’re being naughty. Simon asks again what the movie is about. She explains it’s a bout an older woman with a younger guy. Simon sends it back to him and doesn’t personally think it had the substance required on this important night for him, thinking it was a little lazy. He thinks he could have made more of an impact, and that there have been some strange song choices on the night, including that one.

Crystal gets stool chat with Ryan who asks her about song choice, saying the judges have been tough on the choices, and then she’s doing a song from Caddyshack. She thinks it’s a great movie, and the mood has been low. I’s a funny film and a good song. She’s asked if the judges have been a little tough on her the past few weeks, and she cracks, “Yeah, but I’m alright.”

When Crystal meets up with Jamie, she makes a mistake singing her lyrics and swears, but it’s bleeped out. He tells her she can’t cuss on TV, and she admits to being starstruck. He wants her to get herself together and never stop, adivising her to let people see her pretty blue eyes and let people know she’s alright, know it’s not just a song, but a testimony. She sings tonight with that mic stand from home. She definitely adds a big dash of Crystal into this. I want to think she’s back, and in fact I’m going to declare it, even though I personally never thought she left.

Randy says he’s been saying it since day one that Crystal is definitely an artist. It’s not his favorite performance, but he loves that she tried to switch it up and make it somewhat interesting to fit her. Ellen notes that performance just got crystal-ized, and thinks she actually took that song and made it better. Kara completely agrees with Ellen that Crystal took the song and made it better, and agrees with Randy that she’s an aritst. Simon isn’t going to to ask what the movie is about, saying he thinks he’s already in a lot of trouble, after the whale film. But after that performance, he thinks she’s back in the game. Ryan feels the only thing in question is Crystal’s boyfriend’s rhythm, the way he was dancing in his American flag pants. He thinks maybe Jamie shoudl give him some dancing tips.

Casey and Big Mike are here with a duet singing Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman from Don Juan deMarco, and both are on guitars, although this time Casey’s on a full size one. This is really pretty guitar work, mostly on Casey’s part. He is really talented with his guitar work. They’re not facing each other lovingly like Crystal and Lee were, interestingly enough. Even more interesting is how well these two meet up in their vocals. I didn’t think their harmonizing woiuld go all that well with their two very different styles, but I was wrong.

Randy thought Casey’s guitar playing was excellent, and for him it started out rough vocally, but when Mike came in with the sultry and sexy thing, it was brilliant. Ellen states as a matter-of-fact, yes she has loved a woman. Touche. Kara states the duets tonight were incredible and were better than all the solo performances. Simon thinks we should give Jamie’s Artist t-shirts to the duets tonight as they were a million times better than the solos. He calls this particular one really well done.

Above all tonight I keep thinking about Simon and his lack of movie knowledge. Free Willy I can understand, as it’s not really his type of thing, but how does he now know The Graduate? It’s possible he was pulling our leg trying to embarrass Kara more to have it explained. He doesn’t know Caddyshack, though, either? Maybe he’s just not into comedies … or family films … or Dustin Hoffman flicks. The guy needs to seriously start making trips to Red Box on his way home.

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