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Amazing Race 16, Finale – First Class Decision, No Class Behavior

Speaking of not liking it, at the end of the Race we got a moment in “sportsmanship” that ranks up there with these classic moments. Well, maybe not, but it did give me a chance to relive the Pierre Turgeon hit that ruined my favorite hockey team. And amazingly enough, it gave Caite the moment she may not have been looking for in her redemption arc, but the one that she earned.

As Caite hit the mat in third place, Phil prompts her into making, albeit half-hearted, an apology to Crandy. She starts to – not knowing that as they arrived Carol gave them a slow-clap and Brandy folded her arms – before Brandy pre-empted the apology with her spewing of venom. She yelled at Caite for “purposely whacking” them – she has no idea what that really means – and she didn’t want to hear an apology. Caite pointed out that some nicer behavior would have helped. She said Caite didn’t deserve to be the last woman standing (Not really a great accomplishment, by the way – there are Beauty Queens and Cheerleaders who did more as a female pair). Prompting Caite to CORRECTLY say, “Obviously I am, because I’m the one standing here, not you.”

Caite – for this one person, at least – you are forgiven for your pageant moment. Not for whining on the Race, losing your stuff in the final leg or repeatedly telling your boyfriend to shut up, or making bad strategic decisions. But you finished the Amazing Race – and that is something to be proud of, and you didn’t go out like a whiny child. You stay classy, Brandy. Stay Classy.

Route Markers

• The biggest Route Marker this week is my favorite challenge. EVER. As someone who did multiple projects in college based on Star Wars (Star Wars is a modern day fairy tale. Discuss), I was geeked out to see them travel to Industrial Light and Magic and find the Yoda Fountain. You want more Star Wars cred? Busts of The Emperor, Darth Maul, Admiral Ackbar, and Bossk lined the hallway, along with a full-size replica of Salacious Crumb. The challenge required one member to don a motion-capture suit and get to act like Andy Serkis for a bit.

• I loved how the Star Wars avatars for Boy Jordan came complete with headband, Jet got a cowboy hat, and Caite’s was…actually, pretty hot. Don’t judge me.

• Jet – “Can these guys talk to us?” Cord – “No, they’re stormtroopers.” HA! Actually, some were Clone Troopers, but who’s counting?

• Loved how Cord started to distract Dan by barking out random instructions – “Ballet move, spin, now skip, back up again, do 493 turns, backflip, sachet…”

• Boy Jordan after getting info from a cyclist – “People who ride bicycles are smart.” Add it to the upcoming book – “Boy Jordan’s Collection of the Pointless and Obvious.”

• Cabbie to the Cowboys – “We’re almost somewhere here now.” Cord – “Story of my life”

• Second cabbie to Cowboys – “Is the rodeo going to Candlestick?

• More from Boy Jordan – “San Francisco is a very gay-friendly place.” Really? Who knew?

•Brent can’t figure why they can’t get an English-speaker in America. Well, you are using a sample size of one from a pool of cabbies. Chances are great you ain’t getting an English-speaker!

• Aside from the line-cutting and obvious comments, what killed Boy Jordan for me was this line – “I’ve seen Star Wars, but I haven’t seen the movie.” What? Has he only watched the Clone Wars? Droids?<(/a> The Holiday Special?

• How funny was the little dog that attacked the Cowboys?

• Boy Jordan got a little redemption from me for calling Caite “his little peach” and making Brandy angry in the process.

Roadblock – use an ascender to scale the Coit Tower (not making a sex joke here). Dan, Cord and Brent.

Final Standings – Dan/Boy Jordan WINNERS, Cowboys second, Brent/Caite third.

So, the 16th Race is in the books and for me it will rank near the bottom. My personal list will follow; see you all for Amazing Race 17!

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