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The Amazing Race 16, May 9 – Is There a Rodeo Going On at Candlestick Park?

Jordan has watched the Race for so long, he knew to write down the order of eliminations. Jordan reads out who to put first, second, and next, as the Cowboys are still running to the Music Hall. They get it right and get a clue about “Jack be nimble, Jack be quick” and realize Candlestick Park is the finish line. They disassibmle the posters right away and look for a taxi as the Cowboys are arriving.

The Cowboys start setting the posters out as the other two run down the street looking for a cab. Dan and Jordan are still looking for a cab as Jet and Cord finish the challenge just as quickly and head out to catch a cab. Dan and Jordan catch a cab, just as the Cowboys find one. Jordan wants to put the pedal to the medal, as Jet and Cord’s driver asks if there’s a rodeo going on at Candlestick Park.

Dan and Jordan run in to Candlestick Park to take first place, and Phil names them as the winners. Jordan calls this the most incredible experience and says he could have never done it without his brother. Dan knows he made his little brother’s dream come true, as they did the Race, made final three, and won. He loves his little brother, and it was so great knowing he could make his number one dream come true. Dan says it confirms for them the strength of their relationship and the bond two brothers can have.

The Cowboys come running in and are named team number two. Jet doesn’t think there wasn’t a leg of the race they didn’t tell each other they were glad to have the other there. Cord admits Jet is a good man, his best friend, and his brother. They know there are things more important than money, like the experience to travel all around the world with his best friend and brother, and in the end, have their character and integrity intact. They can walk out of here with their heads held high, looking everyone straight in the face. Think that’s a message for anyone?

Brent and Caite come running in for third place, with Jet calling her his little Peach. Caite talks again about wanting to prove she’s an intelligent person, and Crandy looks like they’re about to puke. To finish the Race, Caite is proud of herself. To be the only woman to finish, Phil wants to know if she has anything to say to the other two women that came close to finishing. As she turns to Carol and Brandy, and it seems like she’s going to apologize, Brandy tells her she doesn’t want to hear it, as Caite purposesly whacked them because she wanted to be the last woman standing. She left stronger teams there, and the Cowboys should have been U-Turned. Bitter … party of two. Caite points out maybe they should have been a bit nicer. Brandy tells Caite she couldn’t handle it, but Caite rightfully points out she could, as she’s standing there in third place. Caite ends it on a high note, telling everyone she loves them.

Louie says he and Mike got a lot out of it, the traveling, the friendships they made throughout the whole race. It was insane and not what he would have imagined. Jeff notes reality TV might not be for him, as round two he got knocked out of it again, but the experiences are priceless. The other Jordan says they’ll have the experiences with them forever, good, the bad, the fights, the first place finishes, and the million bucks. It’s so incredible, and they can look back and realize they’re unbeatable on a team together. This is what’s life’s about, these moments here, and he’s going to hold onto this moment forever.

I guess the question is all in how Dan and Jordan ran the Race. They certainly made a few qustionable moves on this leg of the Race. The whole backpack saving their place in line was definitely questionable, but the one I think needs the rules made clearer is where you’re allowed to sit on the plane. Teams are told they have to buy coach tickets and not business class or coach. If it’s okay to buy those tickets, yet beg flight attendants to move you up during the flight, it may have just changed the rules for the whole Race. And in future flights, we’ll now see all the teams on a flight jockeying for position with the flight attendants who are just going to love this.

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