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The Amazing Race 16, May 9 – Is There a Rodeo Going On at Candlestick Park?

The Cowboys get to Coit Tower, and it will be Cord racing to the top. Brent and Caite finally reach the first clue and now have to solve the riddle. Dan races to the top of the tower and back down as Cord is still preparing to start. He gets a clue telling them to go to the Yoda Fountain in front of Lucasfilm Ltd. They note the Cowboys aren’t very talkative and are kind of pissy, then ask their driver to call and ask where they need to go. Meanwhile, Cord’s halfway up. They know they can do the Roadblock as fast, if not faster than Dan.

Brent and Caite stop, asking for help with the answer to the riddle, and getting it are not too far behind the others. Dan and Jordan are arriving at Lucasfilm and get to to the cluebox. They will now join forces with the visual effects company, and one team member will put on a motion capture suit and enter a soundstage. Their partner will then direct them through a series of levels inside a virtual world to get their next clue. Jordan decides to search while Dan directs.

Cord reaches the top of the tower and makes his way back down, saying riding bulls is a lot easier than that. They head to the Yoda Fountain as Jordan puts on the special suit and helmet and begins talking to Dan through their mics. Dan isn’t a video game guy, so it’s sure how this is going to work out, and that makes me wonder why they’re doing it this way.

Dan directs Jordan through the virtual world, and it appears he walks through the target, but it ends up to really be the start. Dan has Jordan walk slowly, but he goes too quickly and goes through the computer wall. Dan tries tagain to give him the directions, as the Cowboys are arriving. They get the clue and head inside.

Dan is leading Jordan agian, telling him to shuffle his feet to the right, telling him to walk straight, but slow. etc. Jordan picks at the words of Dan’s, while Jet gets suited up and Cord gets ready to give directions to him. He uses this moment to confuse Dan and Jordan. He starts telling Jet, who isn’t even ready yet, to do ballet moves and spin, then back up three steps. Dan is about to pop a gasket. Jordan is very confused. As Jet comes walking up, listening to Cord’s instrutions, he wonders if he has to do all this.

Cord starts going through the virtual world as Jordan is completing level one. Brent and Caite are arriving at the Coit Tower. Jordan finally reaches the target, but Dan can’t read the clue that is spinning by on his screen. Brent makes his descent down Coit Tower, and Dan realizes the words go across the screen slower if Jordan spins his head, so asks him to keep doing that. Meanwhile Cord is telling Jet to take three steps foward, but if he does, he’ll walk right into Jordan. Jet says he can’t move until Jordan does, so Cord leans over and tells Dan he’s going to have one of the Star Wars guys take him out.

Jordan tells his brother he’s about to throw up, so Cord tells his brother he better watch out. Jet tries taking another step forward, then another, and manages to reach level two. Dan has finally finished copying down the clue, and Dan even has to instruct his brother on how to get out of the building. Their clue tells them to make their way to the Tonga Room, one of the country’s first tiki bars.

Jet reaches the spinning words clue, and Cord isn’t sure if he’s supposed to read it or not. Meawhile Brent and Caite have arrived there at LucasFilm, and she is starting to go through the virtual room while Brent instructs her. Cord looks for a slow mo button to stop the words. Jet figures if the other brothers could figure it out, they can too. Caite reaches level two, and Cord is still trying to read the rest of the parapgrah.

Dan and Jordan reach the Tonga Room, and go inside to look for the trunk to take to their next destination. They aren’t sure where to go with it, but see the Great American Music Hall printed on it, so figure that’s their clue. They ask someone where it is, as Cord is finally realizing as Jet spins around, he can get the rest of the words. Brent gets to the words at this point as well. Dan and Jordan have found where their destnation is and realize they can get their walking. Cord and Brent get the clue at just about the same time. A dog starts chasing the Cowboys as they run away. Brent and Caite have finally caught up to at least one team, but wait, they left their money and everything behind and have to go back for it.

Dan and Jordan get to the msuic room as the Cowboys have reached the Tonga Room. They pick up the trunk and ask a cabbie for directions, and he sends them to O’Farrell and Polk streets. The other brothers are still trying to run with the trunk, fighting about who’s shin it’s bumping against. They reach the Music Hall first and find the cluebox. To get the final clue, teams will find eleven psychedelic posters inside the trunk, with eight representing the teams already eliminated, and three from the non-elimination legs. Teams must put all in the correct order to get the clue from the band roadie.


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