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The Amazing Race 16, May 9 – Is There a Rodeo Going On at Candlestick Park?

Oh my gravy, we’re here in the final three already. I don’t think anyone would have thought we’d be here with these three teams when we first started this season. Many are thinking the Cowboys, Jet and Cord, are going to take it, and by all rights, with everything from the season added up, it should be them. But anything can happen on the way to the finish line. They usually face a Roadblock that wraps up everything they have done so far this year, and if Dan and Caite do this, the Cowboys stand a better shot than if their teammates Jordan and Brent do it.

The first team to leave Shanghai are Brent and Caite at 2:37 AM. Their clue sends them to fly to San Fancisco where they will make their way to Battery Godfrey to find their next clue. They say it feels amazing and incredible to be there in the final three. Someone has to win, and someone has to lose, and they want the to be the ones to win. They admit it will feel good to be back in the States.

Jet and Cord leave at 3:11 AM. They’ve never won a championship together, so to do this each other, with their brother and best friend, Cord thinks it would be amazing. Jet isn’t sure whether he’s more excited to be final three or to be headed back to the United States. Brent and Caite arrive at the airport and realize they have quite some time to wait, and are met there shortly after by the Cowboys.

Dan and Jordan leave at 6:00 AM, and Jordan says it’s such a gay-friendly place, so it’s good for him. Dan calls this the Super Bowl of the Amazing Race, and they have the athletic talent and brain power to get the win. Jordan confirms California is in the United States. It’s nice of him to check for us. They arrive at the airport and have a greeting with the others in the final three. Jordan puts his backpack behind Brent and Caite’s backpack, feeling that makes them second in line, but I think that’s looking at it a little hinky.

At 10:45 AM, Brent and Caite book their flight, as the Cowboys ask the other set of brothers if they’re trying to cut in front of them. Jet says they were there six hours after them, so he’s not sure how they can check in ahead of them. Jordan talks about his backpack being behind Brent and Caite’s, and it sure seems even from his face that he fully knows he’s trying to pull one over on them. The Cowboys think they’d get in trouble for grabbing the other backpaks and flinging them backwards in line, yet say if they want to win that way, that’s fine. Jet says if they wanna drop the gloves, they can drop the gloves. Jordan says he knows he’s annoyed the Cowboys, but there’s a million bucks on the line, and he’s going for it. He advises to hate the game, not the player.

Regardless, all three teams get a place on the flight. Cord mentions the Dan and Jordan obviously don’t care at all about people, just about money. The other brothers say they haven’t done a dirty thing in the Race until now, but this is differnet. On the flight, Dan and Jordan get the flight attendant to move them up to first class to be the first ones off the plane. I’m nto sure if that’s legal or not, since they’re supposed to ride, or at least get tickets in, Coach.

In San Francisco, everyone races off the plane, and Dan and Jordan are the first to depart after their First Class steal and get a taxi right away, calling it huge. Brent and Caite get a cab next, followed closely by the Cowboys. Dan and Jordan find the clubebox first and need to solve a riddle, the answer of which is Coit Tower, offering a great view of the city. They ask their driver who doesn’t seem to have a clue.

Brent and Caite realize their driver doesn’t know where he’s going, as the Cowboys seem to have the same problem. Brent and Caite get out to look at a map, and Jet and Cord end up at the same map as well. Dan and Jordan are running down the street asking a guy on a bike if he knows the answer to the riddle and get their answer, deciding as a general rule people on bikes are smart.

It’s the Cowboys that get to the cluebox next, and Jet talks about reading the Smart Guide to San Francisco when he was in Shanghai, and Cord tells him the answer to this riddle was in that book. They realize it’s Coit Tower. Brent and Caite are still struggling to find the first clue, and the Cowboys’ cab ends up passing Brent and Caite’s with the driver still looking for directions. The Cowboys tell their driver who knows where he is going to go fast past them so that they can’t get the answer. Caite asks him what he’s doing, and Brent tells her to not even talk right now, as all she’ll do is sit there and cry. They tell their driver to turn around, and Brent says it already screwed them.

Dan and Jordan feel good to not have seen any of the other teams. Jordan figures Dan will have to clim up to the get the clue, and in deed, it’s a Roadblock where one person from each team must clmb to the top of th tower’s archway using a mechanical ascender. It will be Dan doing this task, as Jordan points out his brother is very athletic. Caite is yelling at their driver, calling him a dumbass. Yeah, that’s helpful, especially when I’m pretty sure this guy knows Englhsh.


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