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Top Chef: Masters 2, Champions Round, Wk 1 – A Little Bit Too Big …

Quickfire Hits

• Marcus compares the show to the World Cup stating that no one remembers who won the Quarterfinal. Marcus, we are in America, no one knows when the World Cup is actually being played!

• Love the close-up on the magazine in Restaurant Depot depicting last season’s winner Michael Voltaggio!

• So the carrot cake cooked by Ninja was inspired by British Columbian hippies. I don’t even care for carrot cake, but I would have a bit of that. Of course, I suspect his version was lacking due to a certain ingredient not likely in the Top Chef kitchen. Or Whole Foods. But I know a guy…

• Good to see the bride invited the girls to the wedding, and I don’t mean bridesmaids, if you catch my drift.

• I love how Obi-Wan dumped his chicken into a garbage bag and just poured in the marinade. I would have loved a shot of him trying to mix that bag up. Hefty Hefty Hefty!

• How cute was Marcus’ Swedish mom in traditional Ethiopian wedding attire in those photos?

• Ninja is cool, and it sounds like his wife is even cooler.

• Tony was pissed with the criticism on is pasta. Loved how he thanked Obi-Wan for complimenting his pasta with an exasperated tone.

• I’m going to miss poor tiny Carmen, especially when she stood next to the giant Chinese, Ethiopian and Italian men.

Next week – Hank Azaria and Andrew Zimmeran. Together at last.

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