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American Idol 9, May 5 – MamaSox and Papa Mike Take Care of Their Flock

Well, I freaked out totally last night and wrote up the recap of the performance episode, then forgot to proofread and and upload it to the site. Duh. So if you’re still looking to see what happened last night, you can see it here. Then of course I had further problems with something thinking because you hear a rumor that it’s Junior/Senior Skip Day, you have to honor it. So of course I had to take time out from my Idol writing to deal with that and help change that whole idea. I think I may have gotten my point across. Moving forward, I think it has to be either Casey James or Aaron Kelly going home tonight, but I think Michael Lynche stands a very outside chance of leaving as well.

We get a group medley tonight as the top five take on some Frank Sinatra songs together. The four guys come out together, sans Crystal Bowersox, who enters on cue to Lady Is a Tramp. In a little bit of humor that Aaron takes way too seroiusly, like he doesn’t get the joke, he comes out singing the lryics, “When I was 17.” Then in another joke, Casey comes out singing “I’ve got the world on a string,” which it’s clear he doesn’t after last night. I have to say Casey isn’t at his best, but is 100% better than last night.

We get word when we come back from commercial that next week Jamie Foxx will be the mentor with songs of the cinema. I was thinking we’d already done that this season, but now I think I was getting it mixed up with Dancing With the Stars.

The Ford Music Video is to 1, 2, 3, 4 and features Crystal and Lee Dewyze in love, or so she thinks, but he’s really into his ugly green Fiesta. Just her dumb luck I guess.

Before we get to the results, we see a look back at what Tuesdays look like for the Idols. Casey says his Tuesdays used to entail him waking up a little late, as his Monday night gig was a late one. Crystal’s consisted of changing diapers and learning ABCs, Lee’s was spent working mornings at the paint store, Big Mike’s with a 6AM and 7AM client, followed by his own workout, and Aaron’s were all about school.

Now Tuesdays are performance days, so they wake up early. Crystal and Mike says goodbye to their families, then everyone heads off to the studio for breakfast. Lee and Mike are always looking forward to the burritos. They go up to hair and makeup and have a little time to think about what’s coming up. Casey notes they were always worried about the stand-in judges, then realized they always say nice things. Not only do they look like them, but the fake Randy even says things like, “You worked it, you rocked it, I said whaaaaat?” Mike notes it’s the Wednesdays that he’ll dread forever.

Live tonight, Big Mike says he slept okay last night, but doesn’t think about Wednesday until he’s sitting there on the couch. He doesn’t know how he feels now, though, and just always tries to do his best. Crystal is asked how it feels to be up here with the guys, and says she feels like she’s one of them. She feels like they’re brothers and family to her, and she’s really enjoyed her time with them. Casey feels like his part is done as he gives 100% every Tuesday, and the rest of it isn’t up to him.

It’s time for the results, so we dim the lights and start it off. Lee stands and says he felt a little better when the judges told him he could win the show. He tries not to get too pumped up, but hopes to keep doing better and better. He knows he’s his own worst critic, and that’s how he drives himself. Simon says he didn’t watch the show back last night because he doesn’t like to watch himself on TV, but being here, it was the first time he felt Lee had started to believe in himself. He felt he had a lot of help from Harry, and it was like seeing a different person. Lee is safe after all that.

Lady Gaga makes an appearance tonight singing Bad Romance and I thought she was standing on a pedestal like the Statue of Liberty, but instead she’s playing the piano with a giant hood over her head. I think the other thing really is a statue. Her dancers are all men, but look very androgynous.

They’re delaying the inevitable again and making us sweat as we’re also treated to a film clip of Harry Connick Jr.’s time with the Idols and how “seriously” he took his job. He tells Crystal he sees something in her ear, like a bird or something, but it’s really her feather earring. He calls Casey’s mom, too, and tells her her son is one ugly son-of-a-bitch and that Casey thought he was Chris Isaak. He also mentions pitchy isn’t a real word, and they call it out of tune. He makes a crack about Crystal checking her watch, but she says she was just checking her insulin pump. He tells Aaron to wipe the stupid smirk off his face.

Funny guy Harry sings live tonight, and is taking this a little more seriously. Following his song, he introduces the final five who also take on some of his songs. Again, Casey sounds much better than last night. I do have to say these particular five harmonize really well together, or maybe that’s Harry’s influence again. After, he talks about when he met Frank Sinatra for the first time. It was Frank’s 75th birthday. Harry normally doesn’t get nervous, but was that night. He was being mean to Jill Goodacre, who he wasn’t married to yet. He forgot the words to his song and went up to him after the performance to get some words of wisdom, but instead Frank grabbed Jill and kissed her on the lips, telling her she was beautiful.

It’s back to the results, as Crystal stands up and is asked to start a group on the far side of the stage. Michael Lynche is next and starts a new group on the near side of the stage. Aaron is asked to stand with Big Mike. Casey is asked to stand with Crystal. Lee is asked to pick which group he belongs in. Lee refuses; smart move. Yet most of us at home are screaming at him to join any group that Crystal is in. After the nationwide vote, Ryan tells us Lee is safe, which we knew, and Mike and Aaron are the bottom two.

The bottom two are on center stage with Ryan, and we’re waiting to see who leaves. It’s Aaron. Mike wraps him up in a big hug and gives him a lot of words of encouragement. Aaron says in his end of the road clip that it doesn’t matter how old you are, you can still follow your dreams. He sings us out tonight with Fly Me to the Moon. Mamasox watches him with a tear or two in her eye. Papa Mikeand Mamasox are taking care of the young one tonight.

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