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Amazing Race 16, Final 4 Commentary – All In With The Cowboys

Route Markers

• Shanghai spent half a billion dollars on that Science Museum. And we spend that amount on New Yankee Stadium.

• I love the cowboys in the cab, as the cabbie fakes understanding where they are going, “OOOH, you meant the garden bridge.”

• By the way, Boy Jordan, spelling out the foreign word (yes, English is foreign to Chinese cabbies) does not make it easier to understand. Spelling out M-E-R-D-E does not make someone understand that word more if they don’t speak a lick of French. Oh, and talking slower … also not working. You can speak as slowly as you want while reading technical manuals for a particle accelerator to me and I will still not make it work.

• Dan hates China and will never go back. China sheds one lonely tear.

• Brent being funny? Stunning. But his expression as the Cowboys walked right past him at the Roadblock was quite funny.

• Anyone else actually feel bad for the big dense model when he had to ask Caite for permission to use the toilet.

• I completely had the 1960s Batman theme in my head as they drove around in motorcycles and sidecars.

• Some credit to all of the guys – employing the Cha Cha Cha plan by going to fancy hotels, makes a lot of sense. Why they didn’t do that to find the Garden Bridge, not sure.

• Caite had issues with Brent needing to pee, but then she complained she had to pee since early in the morning. Why didn’t she just pee when he did? And why am I talking so much about pee. Please make me stop.

• One week we get the world’s shortest man (we miss you PingPing!) and now we get the world’s tallest man. On crutches. I just remember the line from My Giant (saw it in the theaters, friends!) where Billy Crystal is asked, “Have you ever seen an old giant?” Snf.

Next week – I am trying not to pee myself like Brent (damn, more pee jokes), because someone has combined the Amazing Race and Star Wars in an attempt to make my geek levels shoot off the charts.

Roadblock – Count the gold statues in a shrine (523 – if you remember to count the giant samurai statues along with the small Buddhas) – Caite, Jet, Dan, Louie.

Detour – Pork Chops (Find a stamp with your name on it and a photo of a pig in a room full of stamps) or Pork Dumplings (deliver 10 orders of dumplings to some place, who cares, no one did it) – All Teams did Pork Chops.

Speed Bump – too boring to mention. It involved throwing coins in a hole. Seriously.

Order of Finish – Brent/Caite (really!), Cowboys, Dan/Boy Jordan, Detectives (ELIMINATED).

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