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The Amazing Race, May 2 – B-R-I-D-G-E!!!

The brothers decide to do Pork Chops and start searching through the store. They find the Louie stamp. They continue their search, and the Detectives arrive at this task as well. They feel good to be right on the heels of the brothers. Jordan calls this impossible, but Dan tells him to stop complaining and keep going, saying it is anyone’s game. Louie tells MIchael to act like it’s a search warrant. Dan finds one, and they keep going, with Michael using a little Maglite flashlight. Jordan talks about checking again for the third time when they haven’t checked things twice, and that just doesn’t make sense to me.

Dan and Jordan find the Jordan and get the clue, heading to the pit stop. They stop to get directions. Michael finds a Louie chop as the brothers are looking for a cab. Louie finds the Michael, they get the clue, and catch a cab right away, telling him he needs to go very fast. Dan thinks once again they have found a driver who has no clue where he is going. Dan and Jordan appear to be having coronaries and get out of the cab to search, as the Detectives appear to be right behind them.

It’s the brothers who end up on the mat with Phil and the tallest guy in the world. They’re team number three and the last to make it into the final. Jordan talks about his brother making his biggest dream come true for him, noting his brother has been there for him and not just on this Race. They had a game plan coming in and it’s brought them to final three.

The Detectives end up on the mat and are finally Philiminated. They call it a great ride, and Michael says he can’t think of a bad thing throughout the entire Race, Louie mentions them being best friends, but says this is another thing that will bind them together. They also laugh about having to share a full size bed together a couple of times. More than I wanted to know, but thanks.

The Detectives started out not doing really well on the Race, then totally found their groove. Their fatal flaw, though, was eliminating teams based on just taking the heat off themselves, so that they didn’t seem like a strong team, instead of eliminating the stronger teams. Had they worried more about eliminating the Cowboys who were a strong viable threat since the beginning, they may have made it to the final three. Even though Brent and Caite are currently in first place, their leg was wracked with too many errors. Jet and Cord remain the favorites to win.

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