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The Amazing Race, May 2 – B-R-I-D-G-E!!!

Dan and Jordan decide it’s a miracle as their cab driver ends up behind the Detectives again. They all get out at the bridge and finally find the cluebox. They take off for the temple, as Cord and Brent wait for the others to count. Jet realizes that other than the little statues, there are also two big ones, and knows it would be hard to overlook those, but the clue just says all the gold statues, so he incudes them in his guess of 523 and is right. Caite get it right this time as well.

Teams will now choose a motorcycle with side car and driver and ride it to Yuyuan Gardens to search for the next clue. Brent calls it awesome to be racing in motorcycles, and Cord calls it a new thing for a country boy like him to be going through the streets of Shanghai when he’s from a town with just one flashing yellow light.

Dan and Jordan and the Detectives are getting directions help and are told to take the bus, yet the Detectives would rather be taking a cab, so that they could ditch the brothers. Brent and Caite get to the garden area and search for the clue in an outside mall. Caite mentions the merchants that are all over.

The Cowboys find the cluebox first and find a Detour – Pork Chops or Pork Dumpings. In Pork Chops teams will make their way to a store that sells elaborately engraved stamps called Chops. Hey, we use those in martial arts to sign documents; I have one with my name on it. Just an FYI. They need to find one with a picture of a pig and their names. In Pork Dumpoings, teams go to a rstaurant and pick up ten orders of dumplings, then deliver them in the market. The Cowboys decide to do the Chops and find the store right away.

Brent and Caite find the cluebox and decide to do Chops as well, finding the Cowboys. Brent says he can’t concentrate because he has to go to the bathroom. She tells him to just go, but he says he can’t, as she can’t look while he’s gone, so she tells him just to hold it. He wants to go in the restuarant, and she tells him to just wait. Amazingly this is only the second time in my recollection where the need for a potty break has come up in the Race.

The other two teams arrive at the Temple and the Detectives reach their Speed Bump as well. They will have to perform a local good luck ritual and must both successfully toss a coin into an incense burner, and when they’re successful, they can rejoin the Race. Dan will be the one doing the Roadblock, as Jordan says he should do it since it’s a patience thing. Did he not just see his brother freaking out in the cab a little while ago? The Detectives start tossing their coins and Louie is successful right away, as Michael keeps working on it. He finally makes it in, as they seemed to only lose a few minutes of time here.

Louie goes in to do the counting, as Michael says you don’t need to be a methmatical genius to do it. Louie thinks each statje has a different facial structure, making it easier to stop and continue. Brent is straking freaking out about having to go to the bathroom, saying he can’t concentrate. Jet and Cord are starting to feel sorry for him, saying they’ve never seen someone that has to go to the bathroom that bad. They’ve never seen me after I break the seal when I’m drinking. She finally listens to him and they take off for the bathroom, and right after Jet finds Brent’s stamp he was searching for, and puts it back, saying he’ll have to find it on his own. Caite points out she’s had to pee since about 8:00 this moring, so she’s really upset with him.

Dan knows he has to relax and get it right, and succeeds with his counting. He believes every team needs a closer, and he believes that’s him. They take off on the motorcycles, as Dan relays he took the sidecar while “Jordan rode bitch.” Jordan calls it weird to be hanging on to this Chinese man, then finally admits he did like it.

Louie gets the guess of 521, as he must have missed the two big statues, and Michael calls it a bitch to have to wait ten minutes, as every minutes counts here. Louie realizes his mistake, not counting the big ones. The Cowboys keep searching for their chops, and Jet has found his, but stuck it in his pocket, not wanting Brent and Caite to know they’re halfway there. She finds Cord’s and puts it back not wanting him to know where it is. Brent finds his and they’re haflway there as well.

The locals admire Dan riding on the motorcicle. Louie gets his guess right on the second attempt, and they take off on the motorcycles, with Michael telling him to drive it like he stole it. Berent and Caite find the Caite chop, just as the Cowboys are finding Cord. They get a clue sending them to the river to find the Riverside Promenade, the pit stop for this leg of the race. The Cowboys find a cab first, and Jet tries to tell him to go fast, and says, “El rapido.” Wrong language, buddy. Brent and Caite continue to look for a cab, then find one as Brent thinks they don’t understand their own language.

The Cowboys reach the pit stop first and run out looking for Phil, as Brent and Caite reach it just after. The first team to find Phil are Brent and Caite. Phil is with the world’s tallest man, after we met Ping Ping last week. Hopefully Caite won’t desire to take him home with her. He might have a hard time flying commercially. They’re the first team to arrive and team number one, and the first of the three teams to race to the finish line for a million. As the winners of this leg, they have both won a trip for two to coastal Spain. Caite talks again about being the only woman left in the Race and feels she has proved to the world she is intelligent. Jet and Cord come running in next and are named team number two. They feel they have a great shot at winning and talk about gettng buckles made that say Amazing Race Champion.


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