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The Amazing Race, May 2 – B-R-I-D-G-E!!!

The pressure is really on for these final four teams on The Amazing Race. This would be the worst week to get eliminated, getting so close to the finale, and just missing it. Honestly with this group, it could be anyone being eliminated, as they’re all really strong teams, and the Detectives have to fight through a Speed Bump as well, so it should be a really exciting leg of the Race.

The first team to leave the pit stop in Shanghai are the Cowboys, Jet and Cord, at 8:02 AM. They must now make their way to the Garden Bridge to get their next clue. Cord says his brother is the best partner in the Race, and he trusts him with his life because of a time when he caught a hoof in his skull, and it was touch and go for him, but Jet sat by his bedside the whole time. Jet recalls it as one of the most difficult times of his life, calling Cord one of the toughest guys he knows. They find English-speaking locals, but they get sent to the park bridge instead.

Brent and Caite leave at 8:36 AM, and she talks about it being three years since she messed up on her pageant question, yet she still has people talking about it, so she hopes if she makes final three, it will show people what she’s capable of. Guess what, Caite? They won’t stop mentioning it until you do. They also experience trouble finding locals to know where the garden bridge is. Jet and Cord are checking out the wrong bridge, and not finding it, decide they should go ask someone else. Brent and Caite find someone to search for it on a smartphone. She writes it out for them on paper, and they take off in a cab. The Cowboys are in a cab searching now, but don’t think their driver knows where it is, so they ask him to call and find out where it is.

Dan and Jordan leave at 8:53 AM, and Dan mentions yet again for I don’t know how many times it’s been, how he’s doing this for Jordan to accomplish his dream, yet this time he now says it’s just as important to him and he wants the million as much as anyone else. They also experience trouble finding the Garden Bridge. Brent is saying in the cab that he was worried about coming to China, but the only thing that is now the killer for them is the language barrier. They reach the clue first, and it sends them to Longhua Temple to get the next clue. Jet and Cord reach the bridge shortly after.

Brent and Caite are looking on a map and decide to take the bus. She says she’s pretty good at reading maps, and she’s in China, so obvoiusly she’s pretty good, so people can go screw themselves. So instead of people thinking she’s dumb, they’ll think she’s a bitch. Got it. The Cowboys are asking a cab driver for help and take off on foot to find the Temple.

Dan and Jordan ask an older local who has no idea what they’re talking about, so they spell out b-r-i-d-g-e, like a guy that with a completely different character set of speech is going to know what they’re talking about if they spell it in English. He’s of no help, and Dan claims he hates China and will never go back. Their mom probably wouldn’t let them go back anyway. It’s now been over two hours since they left and they still haven’t found it yet, so they discuss the possibility of going back to meet up with the Detectives to use their knowledge to find this place, since they still have to do the Speed Bump anyway. I’m sure Michael and Louie would be really excited to see them there, as it will mean they’re only one speed bump away from making the final three teams. I think it’s still a risk.

Louie and MIchael leave at 11:00 AM, and Michael says he tells his kids to never quit anything, and they will fight hard through the whole race. Louie has older kids and hopes this shows them the harder you work, the more you will achieve. Sure enough, they’re really excited to see the brothers who were more than two hours ahead of them. Jordan tells them they just want to stick with them because they love them. Michael knows being a detective will help them in this, and he gets out the binoculars to search for the bridge.

Brent and Caite depart the bus and find the Temple and a Roadblock. One person from each team will enter the “hole” and count all the golden statues, and if they count 523, they’ll get the next clue, but will have to wait ten minutes to make another guess if they’re wrong. It’s Caite doing the counting this time, and she can only say Oh my Gosh looking at all these statues. Brent knows people have the opinion tht she isn’t the smartest person, so he hopes this will show everyone she’s got it upstairs. She starts counting the lines, but then realizes they’re not all in line, and starts over. Brent is excited to watch everyting at the temple while he waits and sees how other people worship outside of the Christian religion he is used to. She guesses 520, so will have to wait another ten minutes.

The Cowboys talk about the buses being all over, yet still keep waking. The Detectives and Brothers are on a bridge and seeing clothes hanging on a road sign, figure maybe the clue is on it. They head down there and find nothing but hanging clothes. They figure the other teams are having the same problems. Caite makes another guess of 522 and is again wrong, and she pantomines 5-2-2 and asks if it’s not it. He shakes his head.

The Cowboys find the subway and get onboard as the Detectives find some locals that hook them up with a special number in taxi cabs. If you are having trouble communicating with your driver, you call the number and speak with an English speaking person. So Michael tries calling this number from the local’s phone. The brothers make a big issue about their cab needing to follow the other cab. He doesn’t seem to understand. Dan starts freaking out, and the Detectives get through a light, but the brothers’ cab doesn’t make it. Dan demands the cab stop so that they can get out, but really at this point, they’re just plain screwed.

Caite is counting again for the third time, which Brent hopes will be the charm. She says they start to come togehter as one big gold statue and tries guessing 524, having to now try it again. Brent and Cord arrive at the Temple finally, yet walk right past Brent sitting there, as they look for the cluebox. He hides a little bit more intentionally to allow Caite more time. The Cowboys finally find the cluebox, and Jet heads in to start counting. He’s not worried about Caite being ahead of him, saying he’d rather take his time and do it right than rush it and get it wrong, having to start over.


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