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Top Chef Masters 2, Ep. 4 – OK, Bravo, Now We Are Fighting

Quickfire hits –

• Best exchange of the night – Julie says she was confused between Jody’s chicken and mushrooms, and Eric responds, “Chicken have feet.” HA!

• Maria, not far behind, describing her cooking style as like a duck, “calm on the surface, but underneath the water (paddles with her hands).”

• Maria again about the experience of her opponents, “they were in the kitchen when I was in the parking lot, not inhaling things.”

• Boy, Rick’s background sure looks like it would make a heck of a good Movie of the Week. Dad in jail, substance abuse, ex-wife is his co-worker, etc.

• Did anyone else think they were going to go completely bumper cars with those carts at Whole Foods? BTW – Top Chef: DC is filming now and the Whole Foods they are using is really, really close to my house. Cool.

• Jody at Whole Foods – “Is it possible to take a little taste of bacon?” I say, it is IMpossible to take a little bacon. I challenge anyone to do so.

• Jody on the two stages of cooking on Top Chef altering the flow of things, “It’s like interrupted sex…how can you climax?” You go, Jody!

• Suser cooks with his shoes off – that both impresses and scares me at the same time.

• Anyone else catch Debbie’s eye roll to Rick’s pontificating? Funny.

• Where the hell was Ed O’Neill?

Next Week – The Masters participate in Wedding Wars. Cool.

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