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Top Chef Masters 2, Ep. 4 – OK, Bravo, Now We Are Fighting

Somebody in Bravo promotions needs to be fired on the spot. Why you may ask? Well, in the midst of one of the best (that’s two weeks in a row, folks!) early round episodes in the history of the show, some moron decided it would be a good idea to promote the Champions Round with a commercial to air before Judges Table. The problem – THEY FRIGGIN SHOWED WHO WON THIS WEEK BEFORE THE JUDGES WERE ABLE TO TELL US!!!

In other words, Bravo spoiled their own show.


So, instead of having snarky TV recappers and commentators comment on the quality episode, fun challenges and inclusion of the best comedy ensemble on TV today (sorry 30 Rock) from the show Modern Family, here I am talking about how I was totally taken out of the drama at the end of the show, and how Ninja Suser’s impressive results were tainted because we all knew he was going on to the Champions Round. BOO!

That would be like Survivor running a commercial for its next episode before Tribal Council with clips of every remaining castaway except for one. Or for the makers of Lost to show clips of … um, well … no one really knows what is going on there so they could get away with it.

I really would like to stop criticizing this show for doing stupid things. It has actually gotten a little momentum content-wise the last couple of weeks. And now it moves to an expanded Champions Round – the point last season when the show got much more interesting – with some creative juices flowing. And here I am leading with poor promotion techniques. Bad job Bravo, but nice job so far Top Chef.

Anyway, so, I got mad. If you didn’t gather that, and I was in such a good mood because I got to watch a hysterical Modern Family episode at 9 pm, followed by some more of the cast at 10 pm, that it took a heavy dose of stupidity to change that. Along with equal helpings of stupidity from Idol viewers who took out my girl Siobhan before her time, of course.

And now, I can finally get to the episode at hand. Top Chef Masters managed to throw a twist at us this week – one of the few they have ever had – by granting the seventh of eight berths in the Champions Round to the winner of the Quickfire. I like the idea – would be a bit irked if I was one of the chefs who won the previous Quickfires – but still, it was a cool twist.


Jody Adams – Rialle in Cambridge, MA. She is not classically trained, and is known to merge New England ingredients with Italian cooking. She is playing for Partners in Health.

Maria Hines – Tilth in Seattle – She is an organic guru, and playing for PCC Farmland Trust.

Rick Tramanto – Tru in Chicago. He is famous for getting into it with Spike in Season 4 before eliminating him thanks to the infamous frozen scallop incident. He is playing for Feed The Children.

Debbie Gold – The American in Kansas City. She is playing for Children’s TLC

Suser Lee – From Chang in NYC and Toronto. Food and Wine Magazine called him one of the 10 best chefs of the millennium. Wow, no pressure, other four chefs! He is playing for the Andre Agassi Foundation for Education. It is what may have been one of the oddest chef/charity matchups in the show’s short history.