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American Idol 9, Apr. 28 – We Were Due for a Shocker, Weren't We?

Many people are finding it hard to figure out who will go home tonight on American Idol as everyone did really well. Everyone has a different idea as well, but the overall consensus seems to be that Casey did enough to save himself this week, and that it’s probably Big Mike’s or Aaron’s time to go. Let’s see how that works out tonight. Although the judges gave the worst remarks to Crystal, I don’t see her ending up in the bottom three.

Right out of the box tonight, we start off with Rascal Flatts performing. Didn’t I tell these folks a few weeks back that after we get excited about results we just have to finish it out? True, it hasn’t started yet, but with such a hot topic, I don’t want to wait. It’s of course a great performance, I mean it’s Rascal Flatts, but its just keeping me on pins and needles. Ryan Seacrest promises after that Rascal Flatts and Shakira will be performing together. That could be interesting, but again, I’d rather see the results.

Back from the break, it’s clear all of the Idols are worried. None of them are feeling too safe. We’re treated to some backstage footage from behind the scenes of this week’s Ford music video. Siobhan announces they are going to become vampires. They’re getting fangs, weird contacts, pale skin, etc. Mike is the one being attacked by the rest of them. He mentions Crystal’s eyes are tripping him out a little. They sing Believe in the video, and really just look a little bit more spoookier than usual. Mike scares them off with a pizza with extra garlic.

Ryan sent the Idols to meet the director of Shrek Forever After, as he has a small part in it. They get to see how voices are added and try to voice Ryan’s character. After, they get to go to a screening of the movie, and the fans are out. Ryan calls this the best Shrek movie yet. It seems like it’s in 3D, too. They give the movie great reviews and joke that Ryan’s three lines in the film were Oscar-worthy. Antonio Banderas and Cameron Diaz join Ryan onstage after the clip, as Ryan adds Fiona is much hotter in person. They discuss it being more emotional this time around. It’s absolutely the last one, and they promise to send the franchise off in a good way. Antonio as Puss ‘n Boots tells them to dim the litghts.

Ryan is forming three groups of two on the stage. Siobhan Magnus calls singing Shania’s song in front of her kind of intimidating, yet wicked cool. She heads to the far side of the stage. Randy Jackson mentions he thought this was Aaron Kelly’s week and and he loved seeing him in his element. He heads to the center of the stage. Simon Cowell gets a chance to explain his comment about Michael Lynche being wet, and tells Ryan to imagine himself singing. Big Mike stands in a group on the near side of the stage.

Lee Dewyze mentions he wasn’t going to sing his song orignally, then ended up connecting with it. He joins Siobhan. Kara DioGuardi has always been a believer of Casey Jame, and not just because he’s good-looking, and says last night we heard what he could do, and feels everyone connected with it. He joins Mike onstage. Ellen DeGeneres doesn’t think Crystal Bowersox is in danger, saying she doesn’t think America is that fickle. She’s always good, but it just wasn’t as strong as the others. She joins Aaron in the center of the stage.

Ryan asks Siobhan to walk with him over to the couches, and while he surely makes her think she’s safe, instead he plants her next to Casey and Michael, saying this is our bottom three. I’m shocked that Casey is in the bottom three with Siobhan and Michael. Siobhan and Michael I get. I don’t get Casey being there.

Next week our mentor will be Harry connick Jr. and the remaining five will be singing the songs of Frank Sinatra.

Carrie Underwood appears tonight to welcome three guys that mean a lot to her. She’s been making music with them since she walked off this stage. It’s Sons of Sylvia. Okay, I beg of you American Idol, you can’t drop a bombshell on us like that, then have us listen to an unknown country group. However, we recognize these faces. They were on The Next Great American Band. Hey, this is the Clark Brothers with a new name.

Just because they want to irritate me a little more, we have yet another performance. This time it’s Lady Antebellum. Now you’re just being cruel, Idol.

After a break, there’s still more for us as Rascal Flatts is back with Shakira this time. She’s playing the harmonica, but I think her earrings are so large she should try to play those. Rascal Flatts plays background for her and sings a little backup as well as she sings Gypsy. Meanwhile, I just want my results. After her song, Shakira’s advice for the Idols is to keep your eyes on the stars, but remember to keep your feet on the ground.

Mike is asked how it feels to be standing here again. He says it’s different, as everyone did well this week, so there’s no shame in it. I am totally shocked, as Mike is safe. The judges look shocked, and his wife looks elated. Casey and Siobhan look nervous.

While they drew out the whole first fifty minutes of this show, for this they rush right through. Tonight it’s Siobhan going home, and her family looks shocked, while Casey’s family is understandably relieved.

Ryan mentions Siobhan doing this for her sisters and asks what impact it had on them. She hopes it was a big impact on them and hopes it showed them what we’re all capable of. It’s hard to be too sad, though, watching her package, as she’s just so goofy and fun at times. Somehow, though, I think she lost that. She sings us out with Think. I wish we hadn’t lost this Siobhan and that she was still there. She goes over and hugs her family after the song. She also gives Simon a hug, prompted by Ryan, and it’s followed by hugs from the other judges as well. Randy tells her to keep being herself, as she learned to be an artist here, and he thinks she has an amazing career in front of her.

This is shaping up like last season. For what was supposed to be a girls’ year this year, we have four guys and one lone female for the final five, similar to last year with Allison Iraheta, as she joined Matt Giraud, Danny Gokey, Adam Lambert, and Kris Allen for the final five. I don’t think we’ll have an all guy final 2 this year, though.

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