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American Idol 9, Apr. 27 – That Impressed Me Much

Kara tells Casey that artists don’t hide the good, the bad, the ugly. They show it all. And that’s what he did. He didn’t hide and cover it up with the guitar. He was vulnerable and raw. That’s what he needs to keep doing, and if he does, he’ll be at the front of this competition. Simon tells Casey that last week was a much needed wakeup call for him. From Simon’s viewpoint, he wasn’t taking part in the competition. He actually agrees with Randy that it’s his best so far. He was singing the song, and didn’t feel like somebody else’s. He suggests he come down and give Shania a kiss on the lips. Casey comes down and gives her a big hug as she tells him he nailed it.

Crystal Bowersox gets stool chat this time, and he mentions she had Shania sign her guitar back at the Chicago auditions after being a fan of hers since she was a kid. He asks what she noticed about Shania now that she had a chance to spend quality time with her as a mentor. Crystal noticed that she’s constantly glowing like there’s an aura of positive energy around her and she’s a super-sweet lady. Ryan mentions she also has super white teeth.

When the two of them meet up, Crystal is singing No One Needs to Know, as it’s a sweet love story that she can definitely relate to. Shania thinks she needs to let the song remind her how it really applies to her life right now. She wants her to be a little happier in her tone as it’s a happy song. Crystal says this is really a message to her boyfriend, and she’s just dropping hints here and there, thinking he’ll man up one of these days. Singing with her acoustic guitar tonight, she gets the smile thing going on like Shania asked her. It’s a different vibe for Crystal, yet it still fits her really well. If that boyfriend doesn’t snatch her up after this, he’s got a real problem.

Randy tells Crystal he kind of loves the whole kind of nickel-free version with the acoustic bass and snare drum and a lot of steel. It wasn’t his favorite performance, but he loves her and seeing her try different things. He’s happy someone is doing more of a country version with Shania’s songs. Ellen says it every week, but there’s nothing Crystal can’t do with her great voice. It wasn’t her favorite either, but it’s like saying what’s your least favorite color of the rainbow. She’s still brilliant. Kara agrees with the others, saying it’s kind of impossible for her not to be good, as she’s always coming from a place of truth and always seems honest. It was believable, and that’s why she always responds to her. Was it her best, no, but it was still amazing. Crystal says it wasn’t as big as the others, but bigger isn’t always better.

And on cue, Simon notes he could be in so much trouble if he made a comment about that. He notes that the shocker here is they don’t like Crystal this week. He thought it was limp and notes he’s seen it before in a coffee shop when they hire a band to sing for you when you don’t want them to. He didn’t feel the conviction from him and felt the song was forgettable, with apologies to Shania. It’s the only week he’s ever had that with Crystal. She mentions she grew up with country and classic rock, and bigger isn’t always better. She really enjoyed the performance. Ryan tells Crystal’s boyfriends he has a little pressure on him now.

Aaron Kelly meets with Shania and is singing You’ve Got a Way. She thinks it suits him beautifully. He tells her he’s still debating on part of it, and she tells him he doesn’t want to still be debating right now. He needs to just end the song wherever he feels he’s safe and good, and his audience will then also feel safe and good. He sings it tonight very tenderly and does a good job with it. But he sings every song really well, yet fails to put his own stamp on it. We really don’t know who Aaron Kelly the singer is yet.

Randy tells Aaron this is definitely his wheelhouse and his land. He is the country artist on the show this year and he thinks he did a good job. Ellen thinks this week will be tough, as everyone is doing well, and she can’t get over he’s 16 year old, but he corrects her to 17, as she says she’s not as impressed, as she thought he was 16. The amount of emotion and depth he showed when he sang the song and the maturity he showed to embrace the lyrics made it a good job. She knows tomorrow will be tough.

Kara completely agrees, saying it was like he really felt those words. She notes he changed the line “and we make love.”i She starts to say it was smart, as it ismn’t something he’s done, but then stops, saying she doesn’t know what he’s done. He says he was singing the song to his mom and starts to tear up a little. Simon is honest and says he knows he’s only 17, but the last two or three weeks he really struggled and didn’t get it at all. But tonight, he was like a different artist. This is the kind of record he should be making. For the first time in a few weeks it seemed sincere and believable and not like he was singing someone else’s song.

The last up is Siobhan Magnus, and she announces she’s singing Any Man of Mine. Shania says the song is all about attitude, and is about a woman who knows what she wants. Shania wants her to get into the character and find some attitude to make the lyrics come alive. Tonight, Siobhan gets it all going with the audience clapping. She had a really slow beginning, but then kicks it into gear and sounds like the song should. However, she does have a few points where her voice cracks the louder she goes. That’s something I’ve noticed. When she’s loud, it’s hard for her to hold the tone. To stay in tune, she as to sing quietly, unless she’s screaming, which she manages to fit into this song. However, it’s the only thing she does to make it her own.

Randy loved it, the whole punk country look with the boots, and the big notes. He just loved it. Ellen tells her it was a way to pull the Shania Twain into the station. It was a good way to end the show and fantastic. Kara announces, “Guess who’s back? Siobhan.” Simon really, really liked that song, and says he’s not normally a fan of country music, but thinks the screaming could have gone a little too far, as it was almost like she was giving birth up there. Yet, it was fun. For the first time in awhile, Siobhan is all smiles after her critiques.

It’ll be an interesting results night. Someone who has never been in the bottom three will most likely appear there, as I don’t think Casey will land there again. He took his performance so far this week, and I think he’ll be rewarded for that by staying out of the bottom three. That leaves Mike and Aaron, who did have good performances, but everyone had good performances. No matter what the judges thought, I don’t think Crystal will land there, and Lee did well as always. I think Siobhan is a possibility. While she did step her game up this week, I think it might be too late to save what she had going earlier in the competition. I don’t think she’ll go home, though, as I think we’ll see either Big Mike or Aaron leaving. I had to resist the temptation to put the adjective little in front of his name there.

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