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Amazing Race 16, Ep. 9 Commentary – The Tragedy of PingPing

Quickfire hits

• Jet has a baby and Cord just got engaged. We learn about that now? I’ll tell you what, those are some understanding women.

• Glad to see the teams gathered to gossip about Crandy in an airport McDonalds. Something so lowbrow about topic and location would just make Crandy even angrier.

• Louie in the airport running – “I’m not winning this race.” Hope for him that wasn’t foreshadowing.

• Brent on the gondola in the “Venice of China” – “I felt like I’m in, like, Sicily.” Sigh.

• Cord doesn’t know the word “tranquil.” Good for Jet for studying up on his SAT words.

• Michael on people in China actually speaking Chinese – “It’s like communicating with Martians.” Or, Chinese people in China.

• Michael on PingPing, proving Caite wasn’t the only one – “If he jumped out of your trash can, he’d scare you to death.” I submit that ANYONE jumping out of my trash can – even Oscar the Grouch – would scare me to death.

• Boy Jordan after getting some Fern help – “I feel like I’m in the movie ‘Behind Enemy Lines.’” – Except good. And without shooting. Or Owen Wilson.

• Anyone else amused when Caite bopped herself on the head with the pasta?

• How scary was that freakishly old woman at the challenge? She looked like a horror movie character.

• Cord on China – “They aren’t afraid to build tall buildings in the East.” And his only Shanghai knowledge was from the Jackie Chan movie “Shanghai Noon” (Also, another Owen Wilson movie) – let’s be thankful it wasn’t “Shanghai Surprise.”

• Michael on the fashion challenge – “This is not my forte, can we have a shooting challenge please?”

• More from Michael – “How about kick in a door, or chase a crackhead.” That would be awesome. It would have to be a Fast Forward, instead of some bungee jump or strange food; teams will have to track down a crackhead through the slums of Prague. The first to apprehend him wins the Fast Forward and can go directly to the Pit Stop at some Czech Army shooting range.

• I wish our country had Science and Technology Museums that were the size of 15 football fields.

• Cord on their prize trip to Alaska and the other three trips won – “We ain’t goin’ with each other, we’re goin’ with somebody else.” Go Cord!

Roadblock 1 – Make noodles the old fashioned way – Jet, Caite, Louie, Boy Jordan

Roadblock 2 – Assemble a giant puzzle and give to 96 patrons in stadium seats to spell a clue – Cord, Brent, Michael, Dan.

Standings – Cowboys, Brent/Caite, Dan/Boy Jordan, Detectives (NON-ELIMINATED)

Next week – the Final Elimination. Caite does an unfortunate accent. Dan spazzes out.

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