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The Amazing Race 16, Apr. 25 – Can We Please Have Shooting …

The Detectives are still searching for the Fashion House, and Brent and Caite’s model comes out dressed, and in the right outfit. They make their way to the football stadium. Louie and Michael finally find the fashion house and Louie asks what kind of detectives they are to walk right by the place. They pick out the clothes, telling the model she’s going to look sexy. Dan and Jordan arrive and start assembling the outfit. They know the gay male that Jordan is, that he’s in heaven with this task. The Detectives model comes out and they’re told she’s not in the right outfit. Michael states it’s not his forte and asks for a shooting challenge please.

Brent and Caite arrive at the football stadium and Brent starts the challenge as Cord’s cards are flying away in the wind. Once again, the Detectives are told their outfit is wrong. Dan and Jordan’s model comes out, and she, too, is dressed wrong. Jordan thinks the tights are wrong, and the guys all realize they have each other’s tights. The Detectives’ model comes out, and she’s finally correct. They take off for the stadium. The brothers’ model comes out, and she, too, is right. They leave as well. Michael is still complaining about tasks, saying they had the rodeo in Argentina, and asks if they can please have shooting, kick a door in, or chase a crackhead.

The Detectives and brothers run into the stadium and find out Michael and Dan will be doing the task. Cord thinks he’s finally got this. Brent finally has this with everything set up the way he wants it, and thinks Cord is having problems, realizing they might be able to do this. The wind picks up and takes both of their puzzles away. Cord lays across his trying to prevent any more from blowing away until the wind dies down, and Brent just chases his around the stadium. They both get back to work again. Jordan shouts out to Dan to use the backpacks to hold the things down, as Brent comes over complaining to Caite. Cord starts getting folding chairs, shoes, whatever he can find, to weight it all down, saying it’s frustrating, but kicking and screaming isn’t going to get it done.

Caite cheers Brent on who is still losing pieces, as Cord finishes and starts picking up cards and handing them out in the crowd. He gets them all passed out, and they flip them over to reveal section 20, row 16 seat 33. He gets the clue, and runs off the field as if he just scored a touchdown. Jet tells him he’s awesome. They get a clue telling them to take the metro to the next pit stop, the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum. It’s the size of fifteen football fields.

Dan knows his dad always says to get the corner pieces first and build the frame, so he’s using that. Brent finishes the puzzle again and gets his seat number and takes off to get it. He gets the clue and bring sit back down as the crowd cheers him on. He’s still talking about how they would have beaten the Cowboys had the wind not blown. Possibly, but Cord dealt with it better, finding ways to keep it weighted right as it started happening, instead of standing back and getting mad, chasing it all over the stadium.

The Cowboys get off the Metro and hit the museum and see Phil. They run to the mat, across this whole big museum and are named team number one. They have won a luxury trip for two to Alaska form Travelocity as winners of this leg of the Race. They’ve won three trips around the world, and they both say they aren’t going with each other and are taking someone else. Would make a great honeymoon, Cord.

Dan and Michael are still building with their crowds cheering them on. Michael says it’s not just a puzzle, but a puzzle for a million dollars. We get it, Michael. Everything here is worth a million dollars or could cost you that, every cab ride, and every task. Brent and Caite arrive at the museum in second place, which Phil says isn’t bad.

Louie tells Michael to stay clam, and he thinks both Dan and Michael are gong to finish at the same time. Dan finishes first, gives the cards to the crowd, and gets his seat number. Michael is still struggling with his puzzle, saying it’s driving him absolutely nuts. Dan and Jordan get their clue and take off for the pit stop. Michael says the only team behind him is now in front of him, but he’s not giving up yet.

Dan and Jordan run onto the mat and are named team number three. they celebrate awkwardly as Phil notes they seem to not know whether to high five or hug. But Jordan says he likes hugs. Dan came here to do one thing, give Jordan his dream, and running this Race, no matter what happens from this point on, first, second, or third place, the dream was achieved.

The lights come on in the stadium, as it’s obviously getting very late, and Michael finishes, with Louie saying he has no regrets and has met wonderful people on the Race and is blessed to be at this point. They hug after Michael finally gets the clue, and tell each other “I love you.”

The Detectives finally reach the pit stop and Phil tells them he is sorry to say they are “Out … out in the cold, as this is a non-elimination point of the Race. They’re still in it, but will have to do a Speed Bump sometime on the next leg of the Race. They’re happy to be there to live another day. Louie says he wants to be there to say I finished the Amazing Race. I have to say I wondered why Phil wasn’t asking the other teams how it feels to be in the finals.

And after that great ending, ending it all on such an upnote, to still keep the Detectives in it, we get a flash on the end of a picture of Ping Ping that says “In Memory of Ping Ping.” That can only mean one thing. I read that he was 2’5″, yet had a sister who was 7 foot tall. I also learned he was a chain smoker, which we learned in this episode. I also learned he was admitted last month to a hospital in Rome with chest pains. Ping Ping died on March 13 of heart complications at the age of 21. The Guinness Book of World Records wants it known that he was “an inspiration to anyone considered different or unusual.”

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