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The Amazing Race 16, Apr. 25 – Can We Please Have Shooting …

Caite is struggling with her noodles while Ping Ping has a cigarette. Jet notices once you start stretching the noodles, if you keep throwing flour on them, it keeps them from sticking together. He gets one bowl down and realizes he has a long way to go. It looks like the Detectives and the other brothers are finally at the boat docks. Brent complains that Caite isn’t being gentle and claims he’ll never ask her to make homemade spaghetti. I thought about registering for a pastamaker when I was getting married, then changed my mind. Caite’s noodles are rejected, as Jet adds another bowl to his load.

The brothers and the Detectives come boating by making comments to Caite making pasta, then reach the cluebox. Jordan decides he’ll do the task, and his brother refers to him as “The Noodlemaster.” Louie used to help his grandmother make pasta when he was a kid, so he’s the obvious choice for this Roadblock. Jordan notes Jet is magical with his hands and can make spaghetti, and he’s very jealous of whatever powers they have. Just after this Jet finishes and gets the clue from Ping Ping. Their clue tells them to make their way back to Shanghai’s fashion district.

The other three seem to be having problems with their pasta, and Brent makes comments, with Caite telling him to be quiet, as she’s doing perfectly fine. Back in their cab, the Detectives discuss Ping Ping and note his cigarette looked like a cigar. They decide smoking WILL stunt your growth.

Louie struggles and finally comes up with 50 grams, and knows his grandmother is turning over in her grave. Caite knows she’s getting close. Cord has seen the movie Shanghai Noon, and that’s the only thing he knows about the city. He doesn’t think he could ever navigate through the city himself. Jet notes they’re not afraid to build tall buildings in the East.

Caite is finally getting the hang of it, as Brent tells her they don’t have all day. Michael asks her to make a pound for Louie when she’s done, as he’s having some trouble. He starts singing and talking with an accent. The Cowboys make it to the next Cluebox and are told to go inside the fashion house and work together. They’ll choose a model who will hand them a sketch of a certain design, then must scan through clothing to find the right outfit. They’ll hand it to the model who will put it on. If they find the right one, the designer will hand them the next clue.

The Cowboys work to a Western theme being played for them, and choose a design. They work on picking out the right outfit, and Cord says to not let the clothes fool ya, as they’re into the fashion world. Caite finally makes enough noodles and gets her next clue, giving Ping Ping a kiss. She calls it really fun in the cab on the way back, but for quite awhile, it looked like she wasn’t having fun.

Jordan gets upset when the guy checking the quantity of the task cuts off half his pasta, saying he can’t do it that way. Louie knows Jordan is getting frustrated and figures this is his shot to get ahead. He makes a whole mess of them, and Jordan asks him how the heck he did that. The Cowboys are still making it through the fashion house and ask a woman walking around if they can borrow her shirt as it looks like the one they need. They agree bullriding is starting to look easier. They give the model her clothes and wait for her to try them on. Jet thinks Cord could have a career in fashion.

Louie is making pasta like a madman at this point and plays odd music with his mouth while the noodle guy checks out his pasta. He finally gets enough and gets the clue from Ping Ping. Jordan tells Louie he did a nice job. Dan feels badly for Jordan, but he does get another small bunch of noodles. Jordan knows nothing is working for him right now, and says his hands are freezing cold. His brother comes up and gives him a hug and tells him to just keep going and that he’s doing a great job. Jordan cries that he hates this so much.

The Cowboys’ model comes out and they give her wolf calls, but are told by the designer it’s not the right outfit. Apparently the shirt isn’t right. They find another and have her try it on, saying it will look better on her than the hanger. They wolf call again when she comes out, and this time they get the clue from the designer.This sends them to Hongkou Football Stadium. Jet notes shopping wears him smooth out.

Brent and Caite arrive at the Fashion House and start looking for clothes, as Brent knows Caite should be good at this. Duh. Louie and Michael arrive, but can’t find the fashion house. Caite notes it’s a little different than modeling as she’s putting the clothes on someone else, rather than them putting them on her. Brent thinks maybe he should dress girl models. Jordan drops his pasta on the floor and tells Ping Ping not to laugh at him. He finally makes enough to pass the task. Dan tells him he smells like noodles in the cab to the Fashion House. Brent and Caite give clothes to the model, and Caite asks her if she needs her tiara.

The Cowboys arrive at the football stadium and find for the first time a second Roadblock in one leg of the Race. Yet the person who sat out the first one now must do this one. Phil promises it won’t be easy. The person doing the task will now use a small picture for reference, and will assemble a giant puzzle that has been cut into 90 small cards. They’ll then hand them to a crowd of spectators in order and ask them to flip them over. If it was done correctly, it will reveal a seat number where their next clue is hidden. With an “Oh My gravy,” Cord starts laying out the tiles to see what he’s got, but they all look the same to him, and he’s fighting the wind. Jet knows Cord doesn’t think he’s as talented as other people, but he’s always made it up in try.


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