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The Amazing Race 16, Apr. 25 – Can We Please Have Shooting …

I have to sit and figure out where we left off last with The Amazing Race 16. With that one week off for the American Country Music Awards, it’s hard to remember. Ah, now I remember after refreshing myself with my last recap. Crandy was eliminated after being U-turned by Brent and Caite. It’ll be interesting to see how the other teams react to them after that, although we know the Detectives will be celebrating after setting Brent and Caite up to do their dirty work.

The first team to leave Singapore are Dan and Jordan at 4:47 PM. They will now have to fly to Shanghai, China and take a taxi to Zhujiajiao, known as the Venice of China. Waiting boats will deliver them to the next clue. Jordan notes they’ve had a few times where they’ve decided they aren’t going to talk to each other after the race. Dan thinks he hates his brother now just as much as he did before the Race, yet Jordan says he loves his brother a little bit more as he’s helping him get closer every day to his dream of winning the Race.

Brent and Caite leave at 6:18 PM, and Caite apologizes to Crandy, but notes she is proud of her U-turn move. She also appreciates being the only girl still standing and is proud of what she’s been able to do. The brothers look for flights at the airport, but don’t have any ticket counters open yet. Jet and Cord leave at 7:04 PM, and Jet says he has a wife and 17-month-old girl, and he’s so homesick he can hardly stand it. Cord just got engaged before the race started, and it’s funny to ask a girl to spend the rest of her life with you, then leave all contacts.

Michael and Louie leave at 7:35 PM and Michael knows they’re the old guys in the Race, but hope their wisdom and experience will help them win. They live a life of being underdogs, as people always underestimate the old guys. He thinks people should be fearing them, though. They arrive at the airport and run into the Cowboys and Dan/Jordan. They all catch up on the details of the U-turn being used to oust Crandy. They run into Brent and Caite, and they add to the discussion. Louie jokes Caite should have put her tiara on before she U-turned them. I kind of think she should have just left the tiara behind on top of the U-turn sign.

Jordan notes Brent and Caite’s decision to U-turn Crandy was a poor one on their part as it was all based on personal reasons. The Cowboys are strong competitors, and they think they should have U-turned them instead. He figures this will haunt them all later. Everyone gets tickets on the same flight to Shanghai.

Once everyone lands in Shanghai at 6:10 PM, they take off to catch cabs, with the Cowboys taking the lead, and the Detectives bringing up the rear. The latter have a cabdriver who doesn’t speak English. Dan and Jordan’s cabdriver stops and gets out to talk to the Detectives’ cabdriver.

The Cowboys and Brent/Caite arrive at Zhujiajiao and make their way on foot to the boat docks. Brent and Caite get there first and take off in the boat, and Brent figures they’ll get there first, unless the Cowboys end up getting a boat with a motor on it. The Cowboys get a boat, without a motor. Caite says she feels like she’s in Sicily, like it’s fake and not real. Jet calls the ride sweet and kind of tranquil. Cord asks him what the word means, and he realizes like tranquility. How do you know tranquility, but not its root word?

Dan/Jordan and the Detectives are still lost with the their cabdrivers looking for directions. Jordan calls it the blind leading the blind, and Michael calls it like communicating with Martians. He was talking to the people on the plane who told him about 1/3 of the people here speak English, so he’s figuring they’re meeting the other two thirds now.

Brent and Caite are the first to reach the cluebox and find a Roadblock. One person from each team will watch a demonstration by the local noodlemaker, then turn a mound of dough into 1000 grams of noodles. When they’re done, they’ll get their next clue from the world’s shortest man, Ping Ping. Caite is doing this task and calls Ping Ping so adorable. While he waits, Brent observes that the Ping Ping is the length from his foot to his knee.

The Cowboys depart their boat and reach the Roadblock, and Jet decides he’ll do it. He calls seeing Ping Ping strange, as if he jumped out of a trash can, it would scare you half to death. Caite asks if she can take him home with her, and Cord notes he doesn’t know where he does his shopping, but he wears a small.

Dan and Jordan are still lost, despite their driver looking for directions several times. They can’t believe they’re already behind two teams and haven’t even gotten to the first clue yet. They know it’s their fault for choosing that cab. Louie says you’re only as good as your cabdriver in a foreign country, and Michael notes one bad cabdriver can cost you a million dollars. They’re all taken to a spot that is not Zhujiajiao, as a local who does speak English tells them. She tells them in English where it is, so they ask her to them tell the cabdrivers in Chinese where to go. Dan says he feels like he’s in the movie Behind Enemy Lines.


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