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American Idol 9, Apr. 21 – Idol Gives Back, Making It Both Depressing and Inspirational

It’s back to Pasadena as Queen introduces Carrie Underwood singing Change. Of course, this is the season 4 winner who was recently named American Country Music Awards Entertainer of the Year, the first ever female to win. I think there are seven people backstage in Hollywood hoping to get that same chance. She chose this song because she’s donating 36 cents of every ticket sale to Save the Children.

Ellen now joins Ryan onstage and talks about going to Pasadena with David Arquette to learn about Feeding America. On any given day one in six Americans don’t know where the next meal is coming from. She went to Monrovia to meet up with David. He shows the warehouse where they store all the food and notes that many of the people coming in there are working Americans. While there, Ellen met a family of working Americans who needed some assistance. He’s a math teacher who can’t afford to feed his family. That’s just wrong. Again, thanks for depressing, as 700+ teachers in our school district just got the boot.

Elliott Yamin is in the audience tonight with Sister Dominga who appeared in the clip last week with Elliott and Kara. This is followed by a clip of kids dreaming of what they want to do when they grow up, yet the malaria epidemic is claiming the life of a child every thirty seconds. Again, this can all be prevented with mosquito nets.

Bill and Melinda Gates sat down with Ryan who asks why they decided to put their help and money behind Global Health Care. Bill explains it’s because he saw that with his money lives could be saved. he thinks it’s remarkable to see the amount of children who have already been saved. Melinda notes that some people say they would help if it was their neighbor, but these are people they don’t know, but for just $10 they could save a life. Bill would like people to donate and also join the One campaign.

Wanda Sykes appears onstage and says she’s a huge fan of the show. She notes Simon looked bored at the beginning of the season, and you can tell when he’s bored, as he sits there and plays with his nipples. She talks about how mean they are on the show to make the person who is being voted out sing before they leave and force them to take a look at the video package of when they were happy and staying there. Wanda also mentions the save and says you knew the judges would use it, because who’s going to tell that big guy he’s going home? She thinks Mike would be saying, “Oh really? I’m going home? No, you’re going home, Ryan. Seacrest out.”

It’s back to the results as Siobhan, Mike, and Tim are asked to go to the center of the stage. Siobhan is safe and joins Lee and Crystal back on the couches. While Matt Giraud only lasted two more weeks after beng saved last year, Mike has beaten the odds and is safe. That means Tim joins Casey and Aaron in the bottom three.

David Cook takes the stage and talks about his trip to Ethiopia. He notes his preconceived ideas were all shot to hell as these were some of the best people he’s ever met. Girls escape there to the airport, trying to get away from poverty and to also avoid being forced to be married, some as early as the age of 5. Many times they escape only to end up in the sex trade. He’s visiting a school that gives girls a better future here. He meets up with kids who have lost both their parents. I wonder if they realize how cool it is to have David Cook play a personal concert just for them.

A clip that’s really hard to see is of a 7-year-old girl with pneumonia and AIDS who weighs the same as a 1-year-old-baby. It’s just really hard to watch. Annie Lennox is in this clip talking about what a brave little girl she is. She was supposed to be there in Pasadena with Queen, but is stranded in London because of the volcanic ash. She also wanted us to see what happened when she went back to check on this little girl’s condition. Here she is looking like a healthy girl. The drugs she received worked. Annie says in the clip she didn’t want to let her go. We do get to see Annie sing a song, juist not live.

It’s Mary J. Blige onstage with an All-Star Band including Orianthi, Travis Barker, Steve Vai, and Randy Jackson, among others.. This song should not be done by anyone other than Led Zeppelin. Period. If the Idols would come on and sing this song, the judges would totally rip them up for that.

Because I didn’t have the foresight to record the local news on the DVR as well as Idol Gives Back, this was the last I saw … on the TV. I did catch up a little in youtube.com clips to see Elton John’s performance on Your Song and the elimination.

Casey, Aaron, and Tim take center stage, and Aaron is sent back to safety right away, which clues us in to who is going home. Casey didn’t have that bad of a week and he hadn’t been in the bottom three yet. He still has a lot of fans. Sure enough, it was finally the night for Tim Urban to go home. With his inspirational attitude, it was perfect timing for him to go this week, during Idol Gives Back.

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