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American Idol 9, Apr. 21 – Idol Gives Back, Making It Both Depressing and Inspirational

Please bare with me on this. I’m sorry if last night’s recap didn’t get posted in time. We were having some problems with the site, but we’re back in the fold now. Whew! I honestly don’t know what I’m more anxious for, to see Idol Gives Back or to see who gets voted out.

Before we even start the show, President and First Lady Obama greet us, thanking us for watching and helping with Idol Gives Back. He thanks American Idol for the the work they’re doing, then tells the final seven, as Randy would say, they’re all his Dawgs. The First Lady tells Simon Cowell to be nice. Think he’ll listen?

Ryan Seacrest welcomes the judges, then his co-host, Queen Latifah in the Pasadena Civic Auditorium. She says she’s proud to be a part of Idol Gives Back, and all her closest friends out in the audience are as well. She knows we’ll have a great time raising money tonight. They’re ready to go and waiting for Ryan’s cue.

Instead of the top 7, the top 12 come out to sing Keeping the Dream Alive and are all dressed in white. Crystal Bowersox, Tim Urban, and Lee Dewyze start out harmonizing together. It’s nice to see all 12 again. Siobhan’s looking really cute in a belted mini dress. There’s Crystal again with Big Mike. They seem to get along so well.

Jennifer Garner reports on Breathitt County in Kentucky, which isn’t far away from where she grew up in Charleston, W. Virginia. Looking at the trees and such, she doesn’t feel it’s too much different from where she grew up. The problem here is the low income kids don’t have the same learning tools other kids have. There is only one book for every 300 kids. By the time the kids are 4 years old, they’re already 18 months behind other kids. She visits a family of six that live in a two room trailer with no heating. These children are enrolled in Save the Children programs which have brought them up to date with other kids.

Victoria Beckham joins Ryan along with two kids from the Save the Children program in California. She also visited Kentucky with her own child and saw areas that had been helped by Idol Gives Back. She explains it’s not just books, but also food that these programs help with. Both of these kids have been helped with their reading, and one of them is now the president of her school.

Catpt. “Sully” Sullenberger makes an appearance asking us to help out and donate. Also here tonight are Jonah Hill and Russell Brand who called up Ryan personally and insisted they let them get their famous friends and organize a phone bank. They’re both live from the phone bank and talking about all the famous people they have with them, but they conveniently don’t show them. Jonah takes the opportunity to slam TMZ, and I’m sure Ryan appreciates it. They finally come clean and note their emails went in the spam file because their email is viagaraman82@gmail.com.

Ryan addresses the Idols who are sitting on the couches waiting for results. Big Mike says he’s glad to still be a part of this and take part. Tim calls it awesome to be a part of and exciting. Ryan mentions that Lee’s eyes water before he comes out to sing each time, and Lee’s obviously embarrassed about it, but says he just puts himself in the zone, whether it’s emotional or harder rock.

Queen Latifah is back and introduces Rock That Body by the Black Eyed Peas. Once Fergie starts strutting around the stage, I’m guessing it’s her body that’s rocking. Just a guess. The dancers have these silver/black costumes on that seriously can’t be comfortable. They have to be hot and sticky and really hard to move in. Not to mention, how many of us have that perfect body to fit in one of those?

Following Black Eyed Peas, Queen introduces a clip of Africa. The cameras show a woman in Uganda who is an expectant mother with severe malaria. In the time it took her family to get her here, parasites attacked her body, which then began to shut down. Her husband watches, not able to do anything. She and her unborn child died last November. A simple mosquito net that costs $10 could have saved both of these lives. Thanks for depressing me, Idol.

As part of the online auction the producers decided to offer up the opportunity to host part of the results. The winner is is Mr. Lopez from Taluca Lake, CA. Who comes up onstage, but George Lopez. He tells Ryan he has four other shows to take care of and he won’t let him help with the results. George tells the stage hands to dim the lights, then brighten the lights, then says it’s too bright and he now has eyes like Danny Gokey. Then he asks for disco lights, and finally for them to be dimmed again. He asks all the Idols to stand up and says he’s been watching all season and they’ve been great.


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