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American Idol 9, Apr. 20 – Taking It to a Whole New Level

Crystal Bowersox is singing People Get Ready and Alicia says Crystal is one of her favorites as she she thinks she’s very special. You can see it and feel it. She asks Crystal why this song, and is told she’s just really grateful for everything in her life right now. Because there’s so much emotion, Alicia wants to make sure she goes for it and delivers. She knows people will love it. Crystal comes out tonight singing a cappella in the beginning, and the music joins her later on, but she still doesn’t pick up a guitar. At the end she starts crying and she totally reaches me as I start crying as well. I’ve always loved this song, but it never made me cry before. This was absolutely amazing.

As Crystal asks for some shades to hide her crying eyes, Randy tells her he has been a fan since day one and that is how you do it. He tells her it was unbelievable and gives her the standing O. Ellen tells her she has never looked more beautiful and she keeps evolving and growing and getting better and better and whatever that thing is, she likes it. It’s a really beautiful unique thing she uses as a mike stand. Crystal explains it’s been with her every show. Kara thanks her for taking a risk and putting her guitar down. She’s on another level tonight. She thinks they call her Mamasox, because she just schooled all those contestants.

Simon says that was an inspiration, and in a strange way he’s happy to see Crystal emotional. She has kind of closed down a bit, and they all felt the song meant a lot to her. She sang it fantastically, and for him it was in a completely different class tonight to everything else they heard. She explains it was emotional because her dad’s here for the first time. That makes her thank the Lord her family’s here. Crystal jokes she wants to borrow Ryan’s hankey, but he shows her it’s taped togehter as he pulls it out. She calls it Hollywood.

I know some people are trashing this season saying it’s not the same, but I feel like Randy. It’s about the artists this year. And more and more you can tell it’s going to be won not by a singer, but by an artist. Each season I think the contestants step up and bring the show to a different level. Right now it’s a completely different show than it was in season one.

For me American Idol has always been about it reaching me emotionally. I can sit here and listen to the radio and hear music I enjoy a lot, but there’s something about watching these people perform and grow throughout the weeks as we see where their artistry is coming from. That’s why my favorites have always been not the best “singer,” but the ones that reach me emotionally. That’s what makes it so enjoyable to watch Crystal and Lee. They never would have made it without this show. They had raw talent coming in, but they have grown and taken it to a whole new level, being pushed by the judges and mentors to step out of their comfort zones. And Crystal, I thank the Lord for that.

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