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American Idol 9, Apr. 20 – Taking It to a Whole New Level

Simon tells Tim if it were the very first time they heard him, they’d be quite impressed. But only three weeks ago he was jumping all over the place to Crazy Little Thing Called Love. He’s finding it hard to believe it and feels it could be a step too high. Having said that, Tim has improved over the weeks, but it was a small bit of a letdown. Ryan talks about Tim always being calm and cool, and figures he must be gazpacho soup.

Aaron Kelly has been singing I Believe I Can Fly since he was 5 years old. Alicia calls it a challenge to sing this, as for some people it could be like overkill. He knows if he lets the song intimidate him, it will come out in his performance, and he doesn’t want that. She tells him when he hits that “fly” at the end, he has to make people feel like there’s nothing that will stop him from flying. She thinks if he can almost be crying at the end he can take it to a whole new place. He sounds great tonight, but he was much better when he was with Alicia, just like Tim. Because it’s something he’s been singing since he was 5, though, there’s not a lot of emotion in it.

Randy tells Aaron he picked a giant song and the arrangement was kind of funny, but he has a huge voice and has pure vocal talent. He thinks he did a good job with such a giant song. Ellen tells Aaron there wass a brief time in the 70s where she believed she could fly. She does believe he can fly now, and it was a tough song to take on, and he handled it really well.

Kara explains watching that was like taking off. It was slowly going bumpng along, then he really started taking off and flying. By the end, she was thinking, “Alright, you got that.” Simon thinks they have to judge this in two parts. Knowing Aaron and liking him and having the guts to take on a song like that is one. In the real wrold, though, hearing a song like that, he would have turned if off in ten seconds. It wasn’t very good, but he kind of made it quite good. The first time Aaron sang it was a preschool graduation. Ryan jokes that he’s A Kelly not R Kelly.

Siobhan Magnus is singing When You Believe, and hits the high notes, as Alicia tells her it’s her money spot. She advises her to take a little pause before she sings it to let the audience know. She also says Siobhan is doing some things not a lot of people can do, and she’s quite impressed. Siobhan’s voice is in fine form tonight, and she needed this. It’s just different enough that she connects with it. She’s not boring tonight. She kicks it in gear with a performance she really needed.

Randy tells Siobhan that she picked arguably the toughest song of the night and by two stylized singers like Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey. He doesn’t know how she picked it, but it was okay for him. Ellen disagrees and says it’s just more confirmation of why she’s here. Kara finds technically it was really well sung, but it’s not a musical and is starting to feel dramatic. If she were listiening to the show to hear Siobhan’s responses, she’d want to hang out with her more than buy her record. She still just doesn’t know who she is.

Simon agrees with Randy. He doesn’t think it was the right song for her and he felt the arrangement was very old-fashioned. The leaves on her arms distracted him, but they’re actually butterflies. He found the whole thing a bit all over the place. She states she didn’t want who the song was originally done by to scare her off, and the meaning of the song is why she’s here, and just to be able to perform it for people meant a lot to her. She knows no one can compare to Whitney and Mariah.

Michael Lynche gets some stool time with Ryan and talks about the playbook he came into this wth. He came into the show with a book of 200 songs to perform. Tonight is one of the songs on his list. He thinks it speaks to all of us to step up and be a hero in our families’ lives. He’s singing Hero, even though he admits it ‘s out of his comfort zone.

Alicia likes when people picks songs out of their comfort zone and deliver it their own way. She notices Big Mike going to a peak at the end, but it falls short for her. She wants him to keep rising with it and take it to a different point. He’s singing with his acoustic guitar tonight and does well with this. It’s definitely out of his comfort zone, but he makes it seem like it’s not.

Randy tells Big Mike he was worried about this song choice, as many times band songs are more about music than vocals, but he held his own with it. It worked out. Ellen notes they’re short on time, so she just says he did great. Kara apologizes and says it wasn’t her favorite. She didn’t feel he cut through and doesn’t think he has the tone for it. It was all ove the place and the song became unrecognizable.

Simon feels Big Mike sang the song pretty well, but once again the theme is inspirational songs and the song was about Spiderman. Big Mike explains it’s about being a hero. Simon says the fact that it was from the movie made it fall short when he felt he was sensational last week. Big Mike notes Spiderman’s a hero too.


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