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American Idol 9, Apr. 14 – Elvis Leaves the Building and Takes 2 With Him

You have to admit Adam Lambert did a great job mentoring the idols. Save for a few, everyone seemed to do pretty well. The good only got better, as well as the mediocre, and the bad, didn’t get any worse. It leads to an interesting evening as we eliminate two Idols after the save of Michael Lynche last week.

We start the night off with a group medley of Elvis Presley’s classic hits. I like how Crystal Bowersox and Michael Lynche are always paired up together. You can tell they really get along. And hey, what’s this? Casey James straightened his hair? Or rather the makeup and hair department did. And Crystal did tonight what Adam wanted her to do last night. She let her dreads down.

Our Ford music video is to Light & Day/Reach for the Sun, with the Idols riding in Fords as they go green, growing some green things around the city. There isn’t a whole lot of substance to it other than that.

As Ryan Seacrest gets ready to start the results, he mentions that Lee Dewyze was asking him which row was going to go first. He’s nervous and wants to get it over with apparently. Frankly, I don’t think he has anything to worry about. They start with his row, but have Casey stand up first, as well as Aaron Kelly and Andrew Garcia. They come down to the middle of the stage. Andrew is asked how it’s been leading up to this show knowng two people are leaving. He says it’s been a little stressful, but you just have to get ready to go with whatever goes.

Andrew is told it’s the end of the road for him and gets a big hug from Casey. The other two are safe. He wisely chooses not to sing the song he sang last night and sings You Give Me Something. I like the performance, but I do think this was his time to go. His wife cries in the audience, and all the Idols come out and surround him. He faces the audience and says, “Love you guys!” Andrew thanks the judges and says he’s glad he was through what he went through and they allowed him to experience something he never did before. He couldn’t have been more gracious.

As we approach time for Idol Gives Back, we get to see Elliot Yamin’s and Kara DioGuardi’s trip to Africa. He went two years ago and now went back again to show Kara around. They’re about to break ground in a new dormitory there. Fifty-one kids are sleeping in a temporary shelter while they await the new one being built. The new one will be malaria proof, with windows and doors to keep the mosquitoes out. Ryan confirms that Black Eyed Peas, Annie Lennox, Jeff Beck an Josh Stone, Carried Underwood, Mary J. Blige, and Sir Elton John are confirmed for Idol Gives Back next week. That sounds amazing so far.

And now with a performance, past Idol Brooke White and Justin Gaston take the stage. She sings and plays the piano, and he sings and plays the guitar. She seems to have matured some over the past few years. The good news is the song is available for free on iTunes.

It’s back to the results as the whole bottom row now heads downstage to join Ryan. Lee is asked if he felt different this week, and he explains he did; he felt like he was playing a concert, not an audition. He’s feeling like he’s being himself more. Siobhan Magnus is passed by, but Katie Stevens is asked if she feels like she’s hitting her stride, and she sounds like a Miss America contestant, saying she wants to just show she’s growing each week and that she’s learning, and she thinks she’s doing that.

Big Mike gets the cheers and is asked how the save affected him, and he says it made him etremely grateful for every moment he’s with the Idols backstage, and out on the stage performing. Crystal Bowersox and Tim Urban are passed by as well. Crystal is told she’s safe, and no one is surprised at all, and joins Aaron and Casey on the couches. Siobhan is also declared safe. Ryan points out Lee sang the same song Chris Daughtry did before he was eliminated. He walks him back to the couch, then tells him to have a seat with him. He’s safe.

The other three sit tight as our mentor, Adam Lambert, comes out for a performance tonight, and sings the song Ryan couldn’t seem to stop singing last night, What Do You Want From Me. Just as always, he doesn’t disappoint performance-wise. He looks and sounds great. And there’s the “talented tongue” Ryan talked about last night. He’s asked what he learned from the show, and he says they worked so hard on the show, but in the business, you work hard as well, so he owes everything to the show for preparing him.

It’s baack to Tim, Mike, and Katie, and one is going back to safety. Tim is told to smile, then told he is safe. Honestly, he deserves it. He earned it. Between Mike and Katie, one is going home, and the other wasn’t even in the bottom three. Going home tonight and joining Andrew is Katie. Siobhan is sad and Crystal looks torn.

Katie’s asked what she’s going to tell as far as stories of the show, and she says she’ll tell about all the amazing people she met. She sings Let It Be. Big Mike wraps her up at the end in his huge arms, and Mama Sox has maternal gestures for Katie too. Andrew and Katie join each other onstage to watch each other’s goodbye packages, and while he still seems happy to have enjoyed the experience, she doesn’t seem to be dealing with this very well.

Simon Cowell likes to throw the phrase “you could be a dark horse” around a lot. And while at the beginning of the competition Lee seemed to fit that category, he’s now fallen into the category of frontrunner, right next to Crystal. A few weeks ago, I never would have thought I’d put him in this category, but it seems Tim is a dark horse at this point. It’s hard to tell how far he can take this at this point. He’s surprising everyone while we thought he was a sure goner a few weeks ago. He has more than the boy band looks. Once he listened to the judges and mentors, he improved by leaps and bounds. My money, though, is still on Crystal or Lee for the win.

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