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Amazing Race 16, Ep. 9 Commentary – The Continuing Saga of the U-Turn

Route Markers

• Nice shoutout to Allen Wu from Amazing Race Asia. I wonder if he does the eyebrow thing too.

• The Detectives and Cowboys have been walking comedy teams all season long; it is probably why I like them both. Michael – “I am very happy to be on a steerage train.” Louie – “What happens if you fart?”

• That Singapore Flyer Fast Forward task would be one of the biggest tests for me that they have ever had on this show. My fear of heights is tripled when it comes to being on the outside of an edifice (don’t ask, I can’t explain why). I am with Boy Jordan on that one – I may have peed myself too.

• Loved the kids who were teaching the teams how to use the drums. The task worked better because children were teaching them. I would have trouble there too – but I probably would have picked the ice cream task anyway. Mainly because I love ice cream. And I totally want one of those Singapore ice cream sandwiches with the giant block of ice cream wrapped in white bread!

• Michael on his lack of rhythm, “I’m as white as white can be.” A bit non-PC, but accurate.

• Speaking of the Detectives, why go to the Fast Forward? Did they really think the Brothers chose to go to the ice cream rather than the Fast Forward? Bad choice.

• I was surprised the show let the cabbie buy 10 sandwiches. I guess another creative choice for the guys paid off.

• Boy Jordan on the FF – “This will always be the scariest thing I have ever done.” That’s a little sad. I would hope he would have some more exciting experiences than that.

• Perhaps the Brothers’ funniest moment – all-but-refusing the motorbikes for finishing first because their mom would kill them.

• Anyone else stunned that Brent got the counting task accomplished quickly?

• Good for Michael to think about bringing the pitch counter on the race. REALLY smart move – so smart, I almost thought it wouldn’t be allowed.

• No real drama on the last place finish – the lighting in the sky indicated quite a bit of time between Crandy and the Detectives.

So, the Final Four – three all-male teams and Brent/Caite. Kind of boring in one way, but at least the three teams of guys are all entertaining in their own ways.

Fast Forward – Climb from one car to another atop the Singapore Flyer Ferris wheel 541 feet above the ground – Dan/Boy Jordan

Detour – Pound the Drums – have some local kids teach you a drum routine and then perform it on stage (Brent/Caite, Cowboys, Crandy – Detectives bailed), or:

Pound the Pavement – set up an ice cream sales cart and sell 25 ice cream sandwiches – ice cream on white bread. (Detectives and Crandy, as a result of the U-Turn)

– Count the links in a giant anchor chain (with corporate product placements for ASL) – Brent, Michael, Jet, Carol.

Order of Finish – Dan/Boy Jordan, Brent/Caite, Cowboys, Detectives, Crandy (ELIMINATED)

In two weeks – wind, hugs and a silly hat.

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