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American Idol 9, Apr. 13 – Elvis and Adam Lambert are In the Building

Kara feels Randy and Ellen are picking up on Siobhan having two voices, but for her it makes her confused. She wants her to figure out who she is. Simon says it was like she was put into a time machine and went back twenty years. He doesn’t think she hit the big notes later in the song either. It sounded erratic and screechy, and he kind of feels she lost who she was two or three weeks ago. Simon doesn’t think this is who she is, and Siobhan says even she can’t label who she is, and she’s always taken pride in that. She doesn’t think the labels are necessary. She just loves to sing. I kind of get that in a way about her, but when she’s trying to prove her good voice, it comes off a little boring, and we can tell she’s holding back.

Michael Lynche was saved last week and now gets a chance to meet with Adam. He was unsure what to sing, but Siobhan encouraged him to listen to In the Ghetto. He listened to it and was sold. Adam thinks in the spirit of Elvis he could pick up the storytelling a little. He wants him to bring a little actor out. Big Mike says he has a fight in him against that, as he got the comments about being too theatrical, and Adam knows that had to come from Simon. Adam hopes if he connects to people’s hearts, he could redeem himself to stay. He thinks he deserves to get down to the end, as he’s an amazing singer. Big Mike sings on the edge of the stage with his acoustic guitar. For me he’s telling another story, just like This Woman’s Work, and that’s when he shines. The ending I thought fell a little short though.

Randy notes the song was a little sleepy for him, but it is a singing competition and the vocals were hot. Ellen says nothing more other than, “I’m glad we saved you.” Kara calls it a beautiful song and says he definitely sang it well. They’re running out of time, so Simon hurries it up and says it was a million, billion times better than last week, and one of his favorite performances he’s done.

Katie Stevens is singing Baby What Do You Want Me to Do, and she told Adam she is frustrated with the judges’ comments and wanted a song she could put the emotion into. He told her to show the anger. He thinks she needs to sell it a little more, as she has the pipes and has the look. She just needs to make us believe it. I’m actually finding her kind of believable as she sings it live tonight, although it still doesn’t seem quite right for her age. I think her voice will always give her that trouble though. Unlike some of the others, she’s limited with the songs her voice and age can pull off together.

Randy tells Katie it was nice vocal and he was entertained. Ellen adds it was a little horny song, then clears it up saying there were a lot of horns in it. She adds she can sing. Kara thinks Kate showed the judges. Simon found it loud and a bit annoying and just didn’t like it very much.

Casey James is up last, and he’s singing old school Elvis, Lawdy Miss Clawdy. Adam thinks it would be cool to build it musically and make it more dynamic, more of an arc. Casey says he was trying for that and now he realizes he didn’t achieve it. Adam thinks if Casey just worked on it a little more and gives the song more shape, he’ll do well this week. He’s back to having his hair pulled back in a ponytail tonight, and while the song starts off a little slow, he blueses it up and picks it up in the chorus. He puts a little scream into it, and it’s definitely got some shape. And so does his Ray Charles swagger. He continues to pick up that Stevie Ray Vaughan vibe.

Randy tells Case he was definitely in the zone with that bluesy thing, and while he didn’t see anything different in it, it was another solid performance form him. Ellen agrees. She loves his voice, and thought he looked comfortable surrounded by a sea of women. It wasn’t as exciting as she would have liked, but he’s always good. Kara tells Casey they know he’s capable of brilliance, and that just fell short to her. Bearing in mind it’s Elvis, Simon considers it a wasted opportunity, and completely forgettable, but did think his vocal was good.

Adam did a really great job with the Idols tonight, I have to admit. His advice was right on target. I think the same Idols will be in the bottom, save for Big Mike. I think he redeemed himself tonight. I don’t think we’ll have a bottom three, but a two sets of two with one of each set going home, since we’re losing two. The two people will be among the following, Aaron, Andrew, Katie, and Siobhan. I really think Tim has saved himself yet again, and that Mike did as well, although there is a small chance in them appearing in the bottom. Either way, Crystal, Lee, and Casey are all definitely safe yet again.

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