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American Idol 9, Apr. 13 – Elvis and Adam Lambert are In the Building

Randy tells Tim it might surprise him, but he actually liked it. I think he doesn’t even mean on a Tim scale. Ellen says the first time she took a shot of tequila, she didn’t know if she’d like it or not, then she took another, and another, and another, and another, and she really enjoyed it. That’s how she feels about Tim. She can’t help falling in love with Tim and felt that was beautiful.

Kara adds this is probably her favorite Tim performance ever. It was authentic, real, from his heart, current, singer/songwriter, and he didn’t have to do a lot and move all over the stage, because it was meaningful. Simon tells him he has managed to go form zero to hero in two weeks. He doesn’t need much, guitar, good song, and a very clean arrangement. He’s growing in confidence, and has taken advice really, really well.

Lee Dewyze is singing A Little Less Conversation, and Adam makes the note that he’s great, but there’s nothing going on in the area of his face. He tells him he’s not in a recording studio, and he needs to perform it is as people want to watch it more. He needs to play and smile. Lee knows he’s right and that he needs to get back to dong what he does. Adam thinks if he smiles and connects really well, he has a chance at doing really well. Lee performs tonight with his guitar and manages to take the song and make it much more current. He’s also smiling and showing us how much fun he’s having. Although I’m humoring myself thinking how fun bagpipers would have been in this.

Randy tells Lee what he’s loving right now is that he’s really in the zone. It’s another amazing performance. He loved the guitar copying the rhythm stuff and loved where his voice is. Ellen notes he made it really current and it really sounded like a brand new song. She liked that he was engaging more with the audience and that he’s showing more and more confidence and getting better and better.

Kara tells Lee she’s never seen him go for it vocally like he did tonight. She loved it as he was just hitting the notes with an intensity she hadn’t seen. Her only wish is for it to be a little more playful and lighter. Simon wonders if that means she wants kittens. He explains she must mean passion, not that she wants him skipping around the stage. Simon says it was about nailing the song and it was on the money full stop. Lee tells Ryan talking to Adam helped, as he’d heard it a lot to smile, but this made the difference. He realized maybe America thought he wasn’t a happy guy, but he’s definitely enjoying this.

Aaron Kelly is singing Blue Suede Shoes, and Adam admits he underestimated him, as his voice is really great. He encourages him to get an energy into it where he gets the growl into it. Adam doesn’t think he quite believes in himself yet and thinks he needs to commit to it. Aaron knows the song probably doesn’t fit him and is wrong in every possible way, but he’s going to go out and have a good time with the performance. He’s got the growl and also a little swagger. I have to say this is the most I’ve ever liked Aaron and the first time I see a definite separation between him and David Archuleta.

Randy asks Aaron why he didn’t think it fit him, and he explains it’s the lyric about drinking liquor. For him it started off kind of weird, but when he broke into the halftime with the whole blues thing it fit his voice better, so he thinks he should have done the whole thing like that. Ellen asks Aaron if he picked the song himself, and he admits he did. She knows this is probably Elvis’ most iconic song, so she gives him an A for effort. She thinks he did a really good job, although he didn’t get all the way there.

Kara liked the fact Aaron was out of his comfort zone. He seemed younger and while he was scared of it, it kept him on edge, and it seemed more current. Simon doesn’t think it made him younger, as it’s a very old-fashioned song and an old-fashioned arrangement. He thought it was like a kid in high school doing a song at the end of a concert. It was very karaoke, and unlike Crystal, Lee and Tim who did something original, he felt Aaron failed to do that.

Siobhan Magnus gets a stool chat with Ryan and admits to being a true Elvis fan. She did a report on him in 6th grade, but she credits her parents who always raised her with good taste in music. She finds the most fascinating thing that he came from practically nothing and only had his dreams and did whatever he wanted with it.

Meeting with Adam, Siobhan tells him she’s singing Suspicious Minds. He says she has the pipes, but it seems a little sleepy to him, so he asks her to sing it a little faster, making her realize he’s right. He thinks the extra musicality gives her a little more oomph. She tells him being compared to him is a real honor, and he realizes she’s different and likes being different, so he respects that. She sounds great tonight, but it seems to me that we’ve lost the essence of Siobhan lately. She’s trying to be this tender’ voiced singer, and that’s not what we originally fell in love with. She was warned not to scream all the time, but frankly, we need it some of the time. Ahh, there’s the scream. Instead of changing all of it, she changed only the second half to be less sleepy.

Randy notes Siobhan took some risks, and he admits he liked the Supremes-ish beginning to the song, but when she broke into the halftime part, it was where she really came alive, and he heard her big vocals which he’d been missing. Ellen tells her she looks fabulous, and she agrees she liked the second half much more, as she missed that. She realizes it’s mixed messages Siobhan is getting about too much or back off with the screaming, but it’s what she really does best.


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