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The Amazing Race 16, Apr. 11 – Ladies Get Their Way; Bitches Don't

The Detectives are still on foot looking for the park, and they find it, along with the U-Turn. They head to the shipyard, as Brent and Caite are arriving, finding a Roadblock. One person from each team will need to count all the links in a chain, and if they come up with 521, they will receive their next clue. Brent and Caite both have to don the outfits, but he’s doing the counting of the links. He says the hard part is it’s so noisy with so much going on, and it’s hard not to lose track of what he’s counting. He yells out, “Shut up.”

The Cowboys finally get the rhythm right on the drums and receive their clue. Cord decides he never wants to be a drummer. Crandy get to the pedestrian mall and are fighting as they pick up the equipment. Carol tries to set up shop at the first cart she sees, but Brandy refuses to use that cart, wanting to be in the shade. They start selling the sandwiches, saying something about no swine flue.

The Detectives talk about training their little wolf cubs, Brent and Caite, to do what they asked them. Michael explains they had everyone convinced that Crandy were bigger threats than them, and Louie notes he’d like to move on to final three with Brent and Caite and the Cowboys. Brent is still counting and comes up with the right number. He gets the clue, and they now need to find Mega Zip to get their next clue. They get back in the cab and take off.

The Cowboys get to the park and see the U-Turn and are ecstatic to not be U-Turned. They head to the shipyard as Crandy is selling the ice cream, Brandy of course in the shade. The Detectives tell the taxi to wait for them and Michael knows he’ll be doing this Roadblock. For some reason, Michael has a pitch counter with him, so gets that out to help him along with his counting. Well, that was a smart thing to bring along, kind of like Steve’s duct tape.

The Cowboys get to the shipyard, and Jet will be doing this Roadblock. Crandy is still selling their ice cream, and have to dig some of the money out of the trash. They finish selling and head back to the park, as Brent and Caite arrive at Mega Zip. They’ll now need to launch themselves from a tower platform and soar down a zip line to get their next clue. Crandy are still talking about the intelligence of Caite, and note that Caite looks like Cruella Deville in her picture. They take off for the shipyard.

Brent and Caite get ready for their zip line and take off. She calls it wicked cool at the end. They get a clue to go to the Marina Barrage, which is of course the pit stop. They get in a cab and take off. She says it’s not about her being the last girl, but she thinks it would be cool if she was. Michael gets done counting, only to find out he was supposed to take a clipboard with him. In his excitement to use the pitch counter, he seems to have forgotten. He goes back to get it, as Crandy is arriving, with Brandy telling Carol she’ll be doing it.

Michael finishes and gets the clue, as Jet does the same. The Detectives’ cab driver has left, so they try to steal Crandy’s cab. He says no, and they say they’ll leave their backpacks here for them. The driver replies no, they asked him to wait. Michael tries to convince him that the girls will be mad at him for not letting the guys take their cab. Right. They offer a woman $20 to let them take her cab. She takes it. Michael calls it the most stressful moment with Crandy right behind them.

Brent and Caite arrive at the marina and are named team number two. Phil asks about the U-Turn, and she says the whole time Crandy were really rude to her and said nasty things to her. Phil adds it looks like they picked on the wrong team, as she agrees they brought it upon themselves.

The Cowboys get to Mega Zip, as Carol finishes counting with Brandy telling her to go faster. They finish the task, get the right number as well as everyone else, and head to Mega Zip, saying they’re in a race and aren’t done yet. The driver tells them the blue team tried to steal their cab, and they realize it was probably the Detectives. The Cowboys head down the zip line screaming the whole way, and one of them asks if they’re supposed to let go and jump in the water. They receive their clue to go to the marina and catch another cab. The Detectives are arriving at Mega Zip, and Mike notes how nervous he is. For all they know the girls are already there, but instead they’re right behind them.

The Cowboys run onto the mat and are named team number three. Cord makes note of their drumming episode, and Phil says apparently it was so pathetic. Jet explains the closest thing to a musical instrument that they play is a radio.

The Detectives head down the zip line and Mike tells Louie he loves him. After, Louie can’t stop talking about the hot girl holding the clue. Crandy is literally right behind them going down the zip line, or at least editing is making it seem that way. The Detectives catch a cab, telling the driver to drive the car like he stole it. Crandy is right behind them, as Brandy tells their driver they’re in kind of a hurry. The Detectives’ driver wants them to promise they’ll come in first. Brandy is still bitching about Brent and Caite, saying they’re looking for the easy way out and they don’t think they have the intelligence to put together a game, not being the sharpest tools in the shed.

The Detectives are running into the marina, as are Crandy. It’s the Detectives that get there first for fourth place. Crandy gets there last and are Philiminated. Brandy is still bitching, saying there was no reason for Brent and Caite to have U-Turned them, as there were two other teams that have consistently won. Phil points out that Caite said they were rude to her, and Brandy says now she will be, as it didn’t make sense. Carol wants to get over the stupidity of today and just enjoy the richness of the experience. She’ll translate it into first grader language for Brent and Caite.

There was honestly no reason for Carol and Brandy to be so rude to Caite the entire race. Because of all that, they got U-Turned. It’s hard to look at it to a point of fair or not fair when it wasn’t fair for her to repeatedly be made fun of the entire time. The girl has received enough crap for that. It’s on YouTube. And if what we heard today was any indication of what Crandy has been handing down directly to Caite, then yes it did make sense. Think of what Dan and Jordan said in the beginning about throwing elbows. If you don’t throw elbows, no one’s going to feel the need to get back at you. No matter how the wolf cubs were trained, they still would have struck back here when they got the chance.

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