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The Amazing Race 16, Apr. 11 – Ladies Get Their Way; Bitches Don't

Last week was sure an exciting episode, and we were only at final 6. They were racing like it was final three or four. Who would have thought the Cowboys had a finish in them like that, to go from last place with a speed bump to first place? They completely smoked the other teams. It’ll be interesting to see what happens after this and how the other teams treat them, especially Crandy who were overly suspicious of their methods the last time they pulled ahead of everyone else.

The first team to leave form Malaysia, of course, are Jet and Cord, at 10:02 AM. They now need to travel by bus and train to Singapore and make their way to the Victoria Concert Hall and Theater, to search for Alan Whu, host of The Amazing Race Asia. Now that’s cool. Cord doesn’t think there’s a bigger move you can make than from last to first and thinks the ghost rider is back in the saddle again.

Carol and Brandy leave just ten minutes later, and Brandy says she’s so proud of how they worked on the last leg, working so beautifully together. Carol’s aim is to take some of the Cowboy’s mojo to leapfrog into first. She thinks Jet and Cord will be going down today. Louie and Michael leave at 10:31 AM.

The Cowboys board a bus to Kuala Lumpur at 10:47 AM … alone. They figure it has to be some karma or something as the driver’s hat says RACE on it. Brent and Caite leave at 10:50 AM and seeing that there’s a U-Turn ahead, they’re hoping someone gets there ahead of “the lesbians” and U-turns them.

Crandy are on a bus in second place at 11:00 AM and remark that they love the bus. Great. Dan and Jordan leave at 11:09 AM. They say at the beginning of the Race they had decided they wouldn’t “throw elbows,” as we saw what doing that got Joe, meaning how he and Heidi got U-Turned. They aren’t going to do it unless it makes or break their race.

The Detectives, Brent/Caite, and Dan/Jordan all make the next bus. The brothers ask out of curiosity who the others are most concerned about with the U-Turn. The Detectives say they have to U-Turn the girls, as they’re the most world traveled out of anyone. Dan doesn’t agree with that, since Crandy has come in first “zero times.” Caite says it doesn’t matter as they’re “100% U-turning the lesbians” if they get there first.” She goes on to repeat again how mean they are to her. Jordan knows that while the two teams paint Crandy as such threats as world travelers, he thinks deep down they just don’t like them that much.

The Cowboys arrive in Kuala Lumpur and are now buying a ticket to a train, realizing with the time they have until they depart, all the teams will make the same train. In fact, they all do, and Carol plugs her nose saying it doesn’t smell very good, as Dan says, “Hello disinfectant wipes,” wiping down the sleeper car of the train, with his brother doing the same. Michael is just happy to be on a sleeper train for the first time.

Everyone’s getting up to get ready to get off the train, and since in this Race sometimes a few feet makes all the difference, Crandy starts trying to push their way past the others to get ready to jump off. Dan notes “long story short, they got nowhere fast.” Brent adds, “Ladies get their way; bitches don’t.”

Everyone jumps off the train and start running, and Caite takes a header running out of the station. The Detectives hit a cab first, with Crandy second, Dan/Jordan in fourth, Brent/Caite after them, and the Cowboys bringing up the rear, noting that once again they’re starting a leg in last place. To be fair they started in first, as this isn’t the start of the leg.

The Detectives get to Victoria Concert Hall first and go inside and start asking for Alan Whu, but he’s sitting outside. Crandy follows them in, but Dan/Jordan are smart enough to look around outside first, finding the Asian TV host. He hands them their clue and they get the Fast Forward. The team that does this challenge will ride the Singapore Flyer until their capsule is at the very top, then will have to exit the capsule and walk along the metal beam to the capsule right next to it. When they complete this, they’ll get the Fast Forward. Dan and Jordan decide to try this.

Brent and Caite arrive at Victoria Concert Hall and go inside as well, searching for Alan Whu. The Cowboys look around outside, as the Detectives finally come outside as well and jump right in front of the Cowboys. Both teams get the clue, a Detour – Pounding the Drums or Pounding the Pavement. In Pounding the Drums, teams will go to a park called Speakers’ Corner where they’ll learn a complex routine on traditional drums. When their teacher thinks they’re ready, they’ll perform the routine, and receive their next clue. In Pounding Pavement, the teams will make their way to a pedestrian mall where they’ll pick up various supplies and ten boxes of ice cream. They’ll need to work the ice cream uncle cart and sell 25 ice cream sandwiches, ice ream sandwiched between wafers or slices of bread.

The Cowboys decide to not even bother with finding out what the Fast Forward is and just try to match the teams head to head. Probably a good idea after last week. They go after Pounding the Drums. The Detectives decide to do the drums as well. Both teams jump in cabs and head to Speakers’ Corner.


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