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Project Runway 7, Apr. 8 – Big Top Fashions

The judges start with Seth Aaron, who was inspired by the overwhelming emotion he felt at the circus. Nina likes the sense of drama and fantasy, but thinks it’s a bit costumelike. Cynthia likes how he used wire to defy gravity. Michael doesn’t like the crotch of the pants, but adds they would probably look better on a man. He does like the coat, though.

Anthony tells the judges that he wanted to avoid making anything too costumey, and that he was disappointed by his ruffling work. Nina likes the top part of the dress, but considers the bottom a “complete snooze.” Michael and Cynthia agree that the fabric used doesn’t work. Michael then discovers the fabric is polyester crepe de chine. Heidi laughs about Anthony using three hundred dollars’ worth of polyester. Whoops. Can anybody say, “Rookie mistake”? Anthony was the most entertaining contestant this season, but he’s probably toast at this point. Michael adds that the model looks like a big blue condom, which I think is harsh. Anthony ruefully says that he’s learned his lesson.

Jay made a snug, military-inspired jacket with exaggerated pants for a bold look. Heidi asks the model to take the jacket off, and she reveals a plain black t-shirt. Heidi notes that nobody would likely look twice at the model in just the pants and shirt. They’re well-made, but ordinary, while the jacket is quite fancy.

Mila saw some scrolling embroidery and wanted to work with that. Michael sees a dramatic coat that isn’t costumey. Nina isn’t crazy about the look, while Cynthia thinks it could have used less collar and shine. She does like the overall design, though.

Emilio tells the judges that he’d added polka dots to his design for whimsy. Heidi and Cynthia both love his look, and Michael proclaims it his favorite of the season. Nina says it speaks to a woman.

Heidi then asks each designer why they deserve to go to Fashion Week and who they would want to go with them. Seth Aaron explains that he’s a skilled tailor and well-rounded designer. He would take Emilio and Jay. Jay is proud to be among the best of the best. He would like to compete against Seth Aaron and share the experience with Anthony. Mila describes herself as a strong, thoughtful designer who belongs in the top three with Emilio and Seth Aaron. Emilio has shown strong technical skills and a strong point of view, as have Mila and Seth Aaron. Anthony has made beautiful clothes and would like to have Emilio and Jay with him.

The judges then deliberate. They agree that Emilio’s look was beautiful, and it didn’t look as if he’d struggled. Seth Aaron is less sophisticated than Emilio, but is extremely innovative. He also has a flair for the dramatic. Anthony has good ideas and talent, but he still lacks some skills– like recognizing and choosing good fabric. He is also too erratic. Mila’s clothes often seem one-dimensional, but they are always beautifully made. Jay makes good, modern, tasteful clothes, but he does not always meet fully meet a challenge’s parameters.

The judges then call everybody back in to announce their decision. They tell Emilio that his dress was their favorite and that he’s going to Fashion Week. Seth Aaron’s outfit showed both creativity and fantastic tailoring, so he’s also going to Fashion Week. Anthony had won some big challenges, but he still needs to mature as a designer, and is therefore out– again. So far, no surprises.

So, who gets the coveted third spot? Jay or Mila? Mila has shown a strong point of view, but disappointed the panel this week, while Jay makes beautiful, but overly safe clothes. Still, they’re both talented designers with some issues, as the judges put it. So, like Chris and Rami in Season 4, they will be in a run-off. Each one will make a collection, but only one will show at Fashion Week.

Next week: Tim visits the designers as they work on their collections. Tim and Emilio get into a fight. The judges choose between Jay and Mila.

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