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Project Runway 7, Apr. 8 – Big Top Fashions

Tim tells everybody that he sees five “wow” moments about to hit the runway, so the designers should work hard to make them a reality. Anthony is having problems with his dress. He feels like every direction he takes is the wrong one. On that note, it’s time for the designers to go back “home” and get some rest.

The next morning, Anthony is still fretting about his dress, as it’s the most important look of the entire competition. Emilio is excited both by the challenge and the prospect of seeing his family again soon. Jay tells us that he knows that his family and friends believe in him, even though he doesn’t always feel as if he pushes himself enough. He will certainly be doing that this week.

The models come in for their fittings. Seth Aaron likes Mila’s outfit, but he thinks the material might be too shiny. Emilio realizes that his look does indeed need more color. A striped fabric with some red in it fits that bill. Anthony thinks his competitors are making costumes, while he’s making a beautiful gown. He thinks Jay’s look is especially costumey, and declares the jacket looks like something Michael Jackson would have worn. Jay isn’t sure if Anthony is kidding or not, but Mila agrees with Anthony, adding she just doesn’t like Jay’s style.

On the morning of the runway show, Mila is feeling both nervous and nostalgic. Emilio has a mental list of what he needs to do and when he needs to do it. Seth Aaron confesses to feeling butterflies in his stomach for the first time, adding that he doesn’t want to bomb out now.

Emilio hopes the judges will see his craftsmanship and whimsy. Anthony is distressed to find that he needs to alter the hem of his dress. Mila tells us that Anthony’s work is too inconsistent for him to go to Bryant Park, while Jay is simply too inexperienced. Jay himself doesn’t think Mila could show an interesting collection and adds that this competition “is all about the guys.” Hmm, I’d say he’s only two thirds right. Emilio and Seth Aaron have certainly dominated the later competitions, but Mila is as capable of snagging the third spot as either Anthony or Jay.

Tim issues the ten minute warning, and the designers talk about how excited they are about this challenge and about going to Fashion Week. Mila talks about wanting to make a collection that doesn’t involve following a challenge’s parameters. Emilio assures us that he did not come here to beat any particular designer, but to win the whole competition.

On the runway, Heidi reminds the designers (and the audience) that tonight will be a double elimination. There are five designers, but only three will show their collections on Fashion Week. The guest judge is Cynthia Rowley.

Jay is first up. His model is wearing loose black pants and a snug scarlet jacket with a scoop neck and lots of black and gold decoration. It really does look like something Michael Jackson would have worn; all it needs are sequins. It is also very obviously based on a ringmaster’s outfit.

Mila made magenta pants, a yellow top, and a long, mostly black coat. The coat is decorated with striped chevrons and stripes in the back. It also has a high collar that is magenta in the back.

Anthony is in trouble. He made a very nice royal blue gown with flared shoulders– but it’s just a pretty dress that doesn’t have much of the circus about it.

Emilio took a big chance using a mostly black and white color scheme. He made a kneelength skirt that has a train in the back. Both skirt and train mostly consist of bold, vertical black and white stripes, but the bottom boasts a polka dot trim. The bodice is made of horizontal black, red, and white stripes. Given Emilio’s emphasis on patterns, his decision to mostly avoid color may have been a shrewd one. Combining patterns the way he did is tricky; adding colors to the mix would have likely resulted in a garish mess.

Last up is Seth Aaron, who, like Mila and Jay, basically made a ringmaster costume. He made red pants and a long, striped, black and white coat. The coat also has a yellow lining and some yellow trim. The coat’s sleeves are exaggeratedly long and cover the model’s hands. He also added a high, stiff collar. Fortunately, Seth Aaron had listened to Tim and ditched his idea of making a top hat, which would have only made the outfit look more costumey.