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Top Chef Masters 2, Ep. 1 – Why Is This Show Starting at 11 pm?

Scores –
Bert – 3.5
GG – 4
Jay 3.5
Diners- 4
Total – 15

GG – 3.5
Jay – 3
Bert – 3
Diners – 3
Total – 12.5

Jay – 4
GG – 4.5
Bert – 4
Diners – 4
Total – 16.5

So, Tony and Susan move on to the final rounds. I guess that’s good; both seemed nice and had decent personalities. All in all, a lackluster premiere. I hope this is not an omen!

Quickfire Hits

• NotPadma actually looks thinner this season! Pretty soon, she can get work as a lamppost.

I have a sudden urge to buy a Lexus. I wonder why.

Govind on getting cooking critiques from the band – “Who the eff are these guys? I mean, look what I am cooking for you, get over it

Jimmy can’t wait to listen to their album and giving them “input.”

Is it me or did there seem to be an inordinate amount of NotPadma looped dialogue?

Hey, Tony cooked for the President!! That’s pretty cool. Not so much as it would be for Clinton, who visited basically all of the chefs in Washington and Arkansas. Obama is a bit pickier!

Jerry’s picture as a young man, wow, dude could have been a model.

What was that really hot South Asian girl doing with that Super Geek? How did he manage that one?

That flower in NotPadma’s hair was about the size of Minnesota. She better watch out, bees may seek to pollinate her head.

• My disdain of the judges was only enhanced with the use of the word “earthy.” That is one term I would like to forever retire.

Next week – well, I don’t know, but this season, we have many chefs doing chef things.

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